Alone Together podcast best bits: heart-warming highlights and inspiring stories

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The Alone Together podcast has been with you since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amongst all the fear, doom and gloom that has surrounded Covid-19, we’ve been here to bring you the positive stories of our local heroes, as well as fact-filled interviews with experts offering tips, advice and answers to your questions.

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We thought it would be a great way to round off 2020 by taking a look back at some of the highlights of series one and two.

So all three of the Alone Together hosts and presenters chose three favourite moments for this special episode.

Listen to the episode in full:

Laudable podcast producer Matt Millard reflected on the series: “It’s been quite emotional looking back at what we have achieved over the past eight months. We’ve featured so many incredible guests and I’m super proud to be involved in this project, helping to bring some positivity during a gloomy time.”

Some favourite moments include Dan McLaughlin’s chat with Dr Katie Rogerson, co-director of the NHS millions, a campaign that celebrates NHS staff.

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Morven McIntyre, podcast producer at The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News, said that the campaign brought a new-found appreciation for the NHS.

“It was heart-warming to go out onto your street and hear a resounding clap for NHS staff. I think there was a real sense of unity with the first lockdown that we were all in this together.”

The podcast also raised awareness of other campaigns like Run for Heroes where nominees would either run, walk or cycle 5K and donate £5 to the NHS.

Dan McLaughlin, podcast producer for the Manchester Evening News, said that the Alone Together podcast was created to shine a light on the positive stories coming out of a dark time.

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He said: “Interviews with people like Olivia are exactly why we set up Alone Together.

“It was born out of our concerns about this constant stream of negative news and it felt like this podcast as well as raising awareness about these wonderful people was our own medicine for us.”

He added: “It made us feel better, and I hope it made our listeners feel better, too!”

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