What were the hardest primary schools to get into in West Northamptonshire in 2023?

Parents will find out soon where there child will go to school in September

As primary school offer day approaches, what were the hardest schools in West Northamptonshire to get into last year?

Nervous parents will find out on Tuesday (April 16) what school their little one will be attending in September this year.

Looking back to last year’s offer day, 93.4 percent of primary-aged pupils across West Northamptonshire secured a place at their top choice school.

Ahead of this year’s offer day, we have looked back at what primary schools were the hardest to get into for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Here are the primary schools in West Northamptonshire which were hardest to get into, based on Department of Education figures showing the proportion of families putting it as their first choice who were successful in getting a place.