‘Welcoming’ Northamptonshire nursery rated ‘good’ in first full inspection by Ofsted

Brixworth Day Nursery has been described as a “welcoming” place where children feel safe and happy and babies laugh as they play peekaboo with staff

By Megan Hillery
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 6:13 pm

A nursery in Brixworth has been rated good in their first full inspection from Ofsted since their registration in 2019.

Brixworth Day Nursery, situated in Northampton Road, has been described by Ofsted as a “welcoming” place where children show they feel safe and happy and babies laugh as they play peekaboo with staff.

This comes from a report published by the education watchdog on June 14, following a full inspection of the nursery on May 9.

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Brixworth Day Nursery, in Northampton Road, has been rated 'good' by Ofsted in their first full inspection.

The report said: “Parents speak highly about the nursery. They like how staff give them feedback each day when they collect their children. They receive information about the activities the children have enjoyed as well as details about their care routines.”

Parents receive daily reports on their children through a phone app and they are encouraged to use this to share their child’s achievements at home.

The report added: “Parents comment on the progress they can see their children making, particularly in their independence and self-confidence.”

Inspectors found that children at the nursery are “curious and motivated” to join in with activities - for example, making play dough from scratch and adding fresh herbs to it as they explore their different smells.

The report acknowledges that staff provide “good quality, well considered activities,” however, said that staff sometimes add more resources before children have had time to explore what they are already playing with. Inspectors said this “distracts” children and can be a “little overwhelming.”

It has been suggested that the nursery should focus on allowing children more time to explore play materials at their own pace.

Inspectors praised nursery staff for effectively supporting children’s developing communication and language skills - for example, they look at babies when they speak to them and encourage them to babble. Ofsted, however, expressed concern that staff ask a lot of questions in quick succession without giving children time to think about how they want to respond.

Ofsted noted that staff from non-British backgrounds - including Greece, Romania and Germany - plan activities for children around celebrations from their home countries, which helps children to learn about diversity and the wider world.

The report commends staff for helping children develop their confidence and a sense of responsibility and belonging as they are encouraged to work together and help to tidy after mealtimes. Behaviour is good and pupils listen to “clear and consistent reminders” from staff about being kind and thoughtful towards others.

Inspectors said that nursery staff are supported with their emotional well-being and encouraged to reflect on individual professional development. Staff in each room regularly review how they can use the space and activities to best support attending children.

Brixworth Day Nursery was registered in 2019 and is managed by Climbing High Day Nurseries Limited. The nursery employs 15 members of childcare staff and runs sessions from 7.30am to 6pm from Monday to Friday during term time.

There are 125 children aged between two and four-years-old on roll at the nursery.

Ofsted inspects childminder agencies rated good or outstanding at least once within six-years after their last report.