Villagers 'suffering' because of 'some rude and disruptive' secondary school pupils near Northampton

Criticism and support on social media while parish council calls on all parties to act responsibly

By Jack Duggan
Monday, 19th October 2020, 5:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th October 2020, 8:14 am

A resident of a village near Northampton claims those living near a secondary school are 'suffering' because of the issues caused by a minority of students.

Northamptonshire Police and Campion School have been working together to address the complaints from neighbours about anti-social behaviour and parking while asking residents to be respectful too.

Aileen Allen, who lives near the Bugbrooke school, stated 'some rude and disruptive kids' have been harassing, ringing doorbells, and causing damage to cars but most pupils are well-behaved.

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Campion School & Language College in Kislingbury Road, Bugbrooke. Photo: Google

"Don’t pile the blame on the residents of Bugbrooke," she posted as a comment to the Chronicle & Echo's article on the issue on Friday (October 16).

"We are suffering, and the biased opinions in this report will give these kids free rein, and incentive to misbehave, even more after half term.

"WE have been let down, wrongly judged and criticised, and not afforded support from the community police team."

Complaints have also been made by residents about sixth form students and pupils' parents parking irresponsibly on bends and blocking pavements.

Carie Wade wrote on Facebook: "And just how many of those residents have disabilities? Has that been brought into question?

"Ok backing the students if they are not causing a nuisance.

"Maybe people should stop having more than one car per family and the students car share! Sorry but disagree with this."

David Simpson added: "I don't live in Bugbrooke myself but I know which street they are no doubt having issues with and I don't blame the residents kicking off.

"A third of the properties in that street are bungalows for older people with no driveways so they rely on the spaces outside there homes.

"Maybe the school should look at investing in getting a car park or a bigger one for the sixth formers, it will prevent public unrest and improve public safety."

A Bugbrooke Parish Council spokesperson told the Chron the issue between students and residents has not been discussed by members but admitted parking is an ongoing problem.

"We would expect anyone parking in the village to be respectful of residents and access to properties and we would expect residents to act appropriately," they said.

"We are unaware of any specific issues in relation to Campion School and we have not been contacted by either the school or any residents."

Plenty of people were supportive of the students on Facebook though, with a parent of a sixth form pupil vouching for their behaviour.

Claire Davidson Kent commented: "As I understand it, it's a temporary situation caused by the pandemic.

"Less students are using the buses, so Campion have created a drop off area for parents within the car park, to minimise queues on the main road, but it takes up a considerable number of parking spaces, therefore students are asked not to park on-site.

"In the spirit of working together in difficult times, I wonder if there are any village residents who are out at work all day, who would consider letting a Campion student park on their driveway?

"My daughter studies at Campion sixth form and in my experience her fellow students are sensible and polite."

Craig Harborne added: "I don't recall seeing any parents dumping their cars in the middle of the road and blocking a public highway, unlike a local resident.

"I do recall a local resident call students 'brat's' and displaying behaviour which can only be described as bullying towards parents waiting to collect their children.

"I'll continue to park on a public highway, in a safe manner when collecting my children."

And Nicky Hill wrote: "Sounds like the A-level students are being thoughtful to parents who need to drop of younger children at school by parking further away. They didn’t have to do that.

"In terms of where they’re parking, unless they’re parking illegally or parking on a permitted street, which it doesn’t sound like they are, then they’re not doing anything wrong."

A statement from Campion School said: "To minimise traffic along the main road and to prioritise parental drop-offs, our students have been asked not to park on site.

"Our students are parking legally within the community in respect of our wishes.

"We are disappointed to learn of the lack of support and understanding from local residents during such difficult times when we are all required to be flexible and supportive of one another."

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