Northampton school headmaster says 'trees are safe' after Storm Franklin causes carnage in car park

A huge lime tree was blown over at the school by Storm Franklin yesterday (Monday) which smashed multiple cars in the school's car park

By Logan MacLeod
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 2:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 2:12 pm

A Northampton school has issued an update after a huge tree was blown over by Storm Franklin, which smashed multiple staff members' cars.

Between four and eight cars are believed to have been heavily damaged by a lime tree at Northampton School for Boys' (NSB) car park - adjacent to the Billing Road - yesterday (Monday, February 21) at around 1pm.

However, in an update issued today (Tuesday, February 22), NSB headmaster Richard Bernard said no-one was hurt and that tree experts regularly maintain the ones on the school site.

The lime tree was blown over by Storm Franklin and smashed multiple cars

The headmaster said: "A tree fell at the front of the school site yesterday causing considerable material damage but thankfully not injuring any individual.

"All the trees on the NSB site are subject to a regular expert health check with the last one held just six months ago.

"The lime tree that came down had passed this inspection as being in good structural and normal physiological condition, so its demise was unexpected and we have engaged a tree specialist to investigate whether there were any other factors involved other than the high winds."

The headmaster said the school is now taking further precautions by asking the expert to check over other trees in the school grounds and especially the ones adjacent to the Billing Road.

"If any tree is recommended for emergency surgery as a result of the storms we will complete this as a matter of urgency, subject to council approval if an identified tree has Tree Preservation Order status," he added.

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