Ofsted describes Northampton nursery as a ‘special place’ where ‘every child is valued’

“I honestly couldn’t imagine sending my child anywhere else,” said one parent

Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 10:30 am

Ofsted has published a glowing report of a Northampton nursery, which it has rated as ‘good’ in the latest inspection.

Wallace Road Nursery School has been described as a “special place” by Ofsted after inspectors paid the educational establishment a visit in June.

The report said: “Staff value every child and know them really well. Children who find it harder to settle get the right help and support to build their confidence so that they can join in the fun.

Wallace Road Nursery School.

“Leaders are ambitious for children. They want children to be curious, self-motivated and ‘open windows on the world’.”

Inspectors found that children are “highly engaged” with their learning and “engrossed” in their activities, welcoming friends to enjoy them together.

The report commended staff for prioritising children’s personal development, modelling how to build friendships, spotting children’s interests and teaching children to persevere when things go wrong.

Ofsted found there are plenty of opportunities for children to be active and, outdoors, children learn to take risks on play equipment, such as riding a tricycle safely down a slope.

Staff were additionally praised for helping children to speak in longer sentences and prompting them to use words to describe what they see and what they are doing.

Inspectors said that a typical comment from parents was: “I honestly couldn’t imagine sending my child anywhere else.”

Parents additionally praised the nursery’s effective communication with one parent telling inspectors: “I am always kept in the know about my child’s development and how the staff will support her in developing further.”

Ofsted found that staff at the nursery are well supported, morale is high and they share leaders’ vision of “putting children at the heart of everything that they do.”

The report, however, noted that staff occasionally do not spot when children have not understood words well enough and some opportunities to help children learn about words are missed.

Ofsted inspectors suggested there should be more opportunities to broaden children’s knowledge about different cultures in modern Britain.

Wallace Road Nursery’s last full inspection took place in March 2015, when they were rated as ‘outstanding,’ meaning they have dropped a grade.

Ofsted usually carry out inspections once every four years or at any time if they have concerns.