Popular Butterwick Bakery set to open new store in Northampton by Christmas

Butterwick Bakery is set to open in Northampton later this year.Butterwick Bakery is set to open in Northampton later this year.
Butterwick Bakery is set to open in Northampton later this year.

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Butterwick Bakery bosses are very excited to bring their famously creative cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and brownies to town

A well-known Northamptonshire family-owned bakery is set to bring their Instagrammable doughnuts and other extravagantly flavoured sweet treats to Northampton.

Butterwick Bakery - which has stores in Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough and Wellingborough - has announced they will be opening a store in St Giles Street in Northampton, as well as Rushden Lakes.

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Corby couple Ryan and Fiona Scarborough, who opened their first bakery in Corby in 2019, have said they are very “excited” to be expanding.

Ryan Scarborough pictured in the Corby Butterwick store in 2021.Ryan Scarborough pictured in the Corby Butterwick store in 2021.
Ryan Scarborough pictured in the Corby Butterwick store in 2021.

Ryan told the Chronicle & Echo: “The response has been fantastic. I am always surprisingly overwhelmed with how many people follow us and support us wherever we go.

“Moving out to a different town where people don’t know you is a daunting prospect but one we are willing to take on.”

Butterwick prides itself on the variety, creativity and uniqueness of their baked goods - including doughnuts, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, milkshakes and coffee. Their bakery manager regularly experiments and sporadically changes flavours and products all the time.

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There are, however, a select few product list staples that have proven to be very popular with customers, such as their ‘Cinnamon Fritter’ - doughnut dough mixed in with cinnamon, fried and then smothered with a vanilla fudge glaze.

Ryan said: “It is the most amazing thing you will ever eat in your life.”

The bakery will be moving into the former Barbarella hairdressers premises in St Giles Street, where Ryan and Fiona will soon get to work painting the building their trademark black.

The Butterwick founders believe that what sets them apart from supermarkets and other bakeries is that they match their “premium products” with a “premium experience” by creating an aesthetically pleasing store and providing strong customer service.

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The local business is a “huge advocate” of mental health and has worked in partnership with the Mind charity in the past.

Ryan said: “Staff really engage with the community they are in, which is something we get really good feedback on. We have had people message us who say they’ve been struggling with their mental health and say that coming into our store has helped them

“When people come into Butterwick, they are there to treat themselves or pick themselves up so we make sure they leave with a smile on their face and a doughnut in their hand.”

Butterwick currently employs 36 staff across all its stores and bakeries and that number is expected to double after the opening of its new stores in Northampton and Rushden Lakes.

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The business is currently recruiting management internally and it will be advertising for jobs at the end of June.

Ryan told this newspaper that he hopes to have four more stores open by March 2024 - although nothing has been set in stone yet. He has his eye on expanding to Daventry, Rugby, Stamford and Bedford.

The Butterwick store in Northampton is expected to open in time for Christmas 2022.

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