Northampton has the 'highest number of people happy in their jobs'

Town tops survey despite being paid six percent less than national average

Friday, 29th April 2022, 3:29 pm

Northampton has the highest percentage of workers who are satisfied in their job… despite being paid less than the national average in wages.

Research from instantprint found that salaries are below average in eight out of the top ten places where the job satisfaction levels are highest.

· Four in ten UK adults felt that a higher salary would increase their job satisfaction in a survey

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· However, despite wages being six percent less than the national average, Northampton boasted the most workers who are ‘very satisfied’ with their jobs

· Just a quarter (26 percent) of employees in Central London are satisfied with their work, despite being some of the country’s highest earners

· Considering other aspects of working life and job satisfaction, Manchester was named the ‘happiest’ UK city to work in

Four in ten UK adults feel that a higher salary would increase their job satisfaction. However, a new study has revealed that more money does not actually buy happiness where work is concerned.

The research compared data on average weekly wages in 32 major UK cities and towns with job satisfaction levels.

In Northampton, the average weekly salary is just £574. Despite earning six percent lower than the national average, almost half (48 percent) of those working in Northampton said they feel ‘very satisfied’ by their current job role.

The next placed was Sunderland, where only 38 percent of workers were happy in their job. In third place was Chelmsford at 36 percent.