Northampton community shop makes 1,000th doorstep delivery for isolating residents

Vulnerable and self-isolating customers have been able to get their shop more dropped off by someone more local

A Kingsthorpe convenience store has dropped off its 1,000th doorstep delivery for residents isolating during the pandemic.

The independently run Nisa Local Whitehills convenience store has taken an 1,000 orders since launching the service in November, providing customers stuck inside with the promise of on-the-day delivery.

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Store owner Alex Kapadia said: “We have seen the service grow very quickly since its launch and lockdown three-point-oh has prompted another surge of interest.

“Customers might be struggling to get a delivery slot with the big four supermarkets, but they can order from us and can get same day delivery, within about an hour of placing their order.”

The store delivers to a wide range of customers including those who, for health reasons, are limited in their ability to shop for essential groceries.

Alex said: “A good number of our customers are now taking regular deliveries, some are actually unable to get out to the shop because they may be shielding or vulnerable and are using us for everything they need, and then there are some who might want a pizza and wine for tonight but don’t fancy going out.

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"We are also seeing quite a lot of home-schooling parents who don’t have time to disrupt the day by going to the shop and so are ordering a delivery instead.”

The service has been promoted on leaflets delivered around the local area as well as via social media.