Northampton business to close on ‘freedom day’ to take staff for lunch to thank them for their hard work

The firm is keen to celebrate big occasions which they have not been able to do all together for more than a year

Monday, 7th June 2021, 5:06 pm
Updated Monday, 7th June 2021, 5:08 pm

A Northampton business will close its office on the so-called ‘freedom day’ later this month and take all members of staff for lunch to thank them for their hard work during the pandemic.

Max Engel, a solicitors based in Hazelwood Road, will be shut for one day on June 21 - the day when Covid-19 restrictions are due to be lifted.

Bosses at the firm are keen to reward the 18 members of staff who work for them by giving them a day off as soon as restrictions ease.

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Managing director Helen Carville is delighted that staff wanted to spend their day off celebrating with each other.

As they have not all been able to meet up socially for more than a year, and have missed occasions that they would normally celebrate together, the company also suggested taking all employees to lunch.

To the delight of the organiser, all colleagues were keen on the idea and wanted to spend their day off with their fellow employees.

Managing partner, Helen Carville, said: “I read somewhere a couple of months ago that people were suggesting June 21 needed to be a Bank Holiday and I thought it was such a good idea that we should do it ourselves.

“Everyone has been so good and everyone has gone to extreme lengths with the stress, panic and upheaval of working from home.

“It’s been a difficult time but everyone has been great so we all deserve to be rewarded.

“We have also missed out on a retirement, new colleagues and one lady having a baby so we want to celebrate together too.

“We told everyone the firm would buy them lunch and every single person has chosen to spend their day off with their colleagues in the pub, which is just lovely.

“I was delighted with this and it just shows us how good our team is and how well they work together.”

The firm will head to Britannia in Bedford Road for lunch on ‘freedom day’ and is hoping to be able to sit inside.

However if restrictions do not lift as they are supposed to on June 21, staff will still have the day off and Helen is hoping the pub will accommodate different tables, if needed.