Northampton brownie company makes good on lifetime discount for fans who followed through on April Fools tattoo challenge

It was just a joke... but Brooklyn Brownie Co. has vowed not to back out on the deal now.

Thursday, 13th August 2020, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th August 2020, 1:04 pm
Brooklyn Brownie says they'll keep their promise after four fans took them up on an April Fools' challenge to get tattoos of their logo in exchange for a lifetime discount.

A Northampton brownie company says it will keep its end of the deal after it posted an April Fools joke challenging customers to get tattoos of their logo in exchange for a lifetime discount - only for four superfans to actually do it.

John Lashley at Brooklyn Brownie Company thought it would be some tongue-in-cheek fun in April to offer a year's supply of goodies and a 50 per cent lifetime discount to the first five people who got inked with their brand.

Of course, some fans are more dedicated than others.

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Because soon after the tattoo parlours opened after the lockdown, John was soon messaged by four loyal customers who had taken the bet and were now proudly branded with Brooklyn Brownie's logo.

But now, John says he's won't back out of a fair deal.

"I'm actually honoured," John said: "It started as a joke but I'm honoured that people would want to support us in this way and really care about being part of our story. They're part of the family now."

Now, John says the four dedicated fans will get just what he promised - a year's free supply of his famous brownies and a 25 per cent lifetime discount.

And as "part of the family", the four fans will be invited to all of the company's future barbecues, parties and special events as they continue to grow.

Brooklyn Brownie Company was set up by John and his teenage son Leo in 2018 to sell their homemade artisan brownies. Now, the two-man team have been met with huge success, and during the lockdown were baking up to 1,000 brownies a day to meet demand.