The iconic Shipmans Pub, situated in the Drapery in Northampton town centre reopened to the public - after eight years - on Friday July 22, 2022.

Historic 231-year-old pub reopens in Northampton town centre after huge transformation

The iconic Shipmans Pub has reopened to the public again after eight years and a stunning renovation - take a look.

Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 10:30 am

An iconic 231-year-old pub in Northampton town centre has finally reopened after a transformation years in the making.

The Shipmans public house in the Drapery closed in 2014 and was taken over by the McManus Pub Company in 2015, which has since invested heavily into “bringing back a slice of history.”

Plans to refurbish the iconic pub were delayed due to the pandemic in 2020 but McManus submitted new plans earlier this year to repaint the pub in blue and white, replace the weathered material above the door and hang a new barrel on the other side of the pub facing Market Square.

Shipmans, which was originally built in 1790, is now home to luxe leather seating, wooden detailing and mood lighting. It, however, still has much of its vintage charm with its original fireplaces, flagstone flooring, wooden bar and the hanging barrel.

The pub now has function rooms on the first floor, additional renovated bathrooms, a new upstairs kitchen and a varied premium dining menu for lunch and evening meals.

Shipmans officially opened to the public on Friday, July 22 and it now specialises in serving traditional food and craft beer.

Take a look around the newly transformed iconic Shipmans pub:

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