Food delivery service partners with former Northampton Saints player and MasterChef finalist Christian Day

"Christian was the natural choice to partner with, he’s a true foodie at heart and his creations are proving popular."

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 11:06 am

A new food business has partnered with former Northampton Saints player and MasterChef finalist, Christian Day, to deliver "restaurant-quality" food to homes across Northamptonshire.

Classic Cuisine, based in Moulton Park, has been supplying desserts and savoury dishes to the restaurant and food sector for 30 years.

However, after the hospitality industry took a hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, business was slow.

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Christian Day with one of his dishes - Cherry and Belgian Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

From there, the team at Classic Cuisine responded to the situation by creating a home delivery service and Cookoo was born.

Managing director at Cookoo, Jeeva Sanmugam, said: "Cookoo was our response to firstly the total shutdown of hospitality. We brought the food and dining out experience to people when the restaurants and pubs were closed.

"Secondly, Cookoo addresses the way Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour; it’s predicted that people will continue to dine and entertain at home even after restrictions are lifted."

Cookoo's range covers both savoury and sweet dishes that arrive frozen, ready-made and pre-portioned.

The business not only appeals to home diners but the luxury desserts and main meals provide an opportunity for independent cafes, restaurants and event organisers to add new options to their menus.

The team at Cookoo have now partnered up with fellow foodie, Christian Day, who played rugby for the Northampton Saints and competed in BBC's MasterChef in 2020.

Christian is currently working alongside the development chefs at Cookoo to create a range of desserts and savoury dishes. Most dishes are vegetarian and there are many plant-based, gluten free and vegan options.

Christian said: “After a 17 year career as a professional rugby player, I learned to value the quality of food that was fuelling my performance.

"I recently appeared on your screens on BBC MasterChef but my real passion is making great quality cooking accessible to everyone.

"The new Cookoo vegetarian dishes delivery range will help you bring restaurant-quality dishes into your home."

Jeeva, talking about Cookoo's choice to partner with Christian Day, added: "We think that people will always enjoy a meal out in a restaurant but it’s great to be able to offer a home delivery option too.

"Christian was the natural choice to partner with, he’s a true foodie at heart and his creations are proving popular. The pear and ginger cheesecake in particular.”

Cookoo is offering 20 percent off first orders and free delivery on orders over £40.

You can find out more about Cookoo by visiting