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Local Northampton business, Mellow Yellow are launching a new campaign to drive awareness of cold pressed British Rapeseed Oil - showcasing the value it brings for price, versatility, sustainability and nutrition.

It’s no secret that the cost of living, climate change and major world events has had an enormous impact on food prices. Browse the shelves of any supermarket and the price hikes are evident, with olive oils – the pinnacle of the Mediterranean diet – now doubled in price.

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow believe there is a better way to cook, bake and eat: with premium cold pressed rapeseed oil.

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Sustainably grown, pressed and bottled in the UK, Mellow Yellow is championing rapeseed oil as a great go-to culinary oil that delivers maximum value for consumers on price, quality, versatility, health and nutrition. Not only does Mellow Yellow retail at half the price of extra virgin olive oil; it has less than half the saturated fat and ten times more Omega 3 fatty acids - offering big savings off the weekly shop, with valuable nutritional benefits too.

Duncan Farrington - founder of Mellow YellowDuncan Farrington - founder of Mellow Yellow
Duncan Farrington - founder of Mellow Yellow

The key is cold pressing

Most culinary olive and rapeseed oils consumed globally are refined with industrial processes, heat and additives that cause them to lose their quality, flavour and colour.

Cold pressing delivers the exact opposite: by carefully extracting every ounce of flavour from the seeds, nutritionally beneficial plant sterols, vitamins, healthy fats and flavour are maintained. And that glorious golden yellow colour that Mellow Yellow is known for can shine on through.

Founder and farmer, Duncan Farrington said: “We’ve used our signature cold pressing method since we launched Mellow Yellow in 2005. By pairing the method with exceptional quality seeds from LEAF Marque British growers and those grown on our own farm in Hargrave, we produce a rapeseed oil that’s packed with goodness and hugely versatile for all cooking needs.”

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Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed OilMellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

He added: “The issues in olive oil-producing regions have escalated the cost of culinary olive oils to new heights, making it unobtainable for many price-conscious consumers. Our rapeseed oil is a fantastic home-grown alternative that matches (and in many ways supersedes) olive oil – bringing great value to the kitchen that’s better for the environment, good for our diets and lighter on the bank balance.”

Value for health

Rapeseed oil is the only high temperature oil to contain a good quantity of Omega-3, an essential fatty acid that helps regulate cholesterol, aid brain and eye health as well as other bodily metabolic functions. It also has the perfect balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 . We require around two parts of Omega-6 for every one part of Omega-3 - the exact ratio found in cold pressed rapeseed oil.

An excellent source of vitamins E and K, and with double the amount of plant sterols and 5 times the antioxidant properties of Carotenoids (provitamin A) than olive oil – cold pressed rapeseed oil is a great way to consume small amounts of these daily vitamins for general health.

Duncan Farrington - founder of Mellow YellowDuncan Farrington - founder of Mellow Yellow
Duncan Farrington - founder of Mellow Yellow

Value for versatility

Whether you want to dress, bake, roast or fry, Mellow Yellow is the ideal kitchen counter oil for all your recipes, bringing in a smooth and subtle buttery nuttiness that enhances flavour and allows the other ingredients to shine brightly.

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A natural choice for stir frying, roasting or air frying, its high smoke point of 230C (compared to 190C for olive oil) makes it the master of crispy roast potatoes, crunchy croutons, bruschetta and crispy, tender stir-fried vegetables. No soggy food dripping in oil – just brilliantly cooked food with flavour up front and centre, just how it should be.

Driving the change

Founded by Duncan Farrington in 2005, Farrington’s Mellow Yellow is produced on Bottom Farm in the beautiful Northamptonshire village of Hargrave.

Sustainably produced, carbon and plastic neutral and the recipient of multiple awards – Duncan and his team are dedicated to producing rapeseed oil products with great ethics and traceability that are markedly better for plates, people and planet.

The flagship Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil offers huge potential as a home-grown alternative to olive oil, along with the other rapeseed oil-based products in the range - Chilli Oil and salad dressings: Balsamic Vinegar, Honey & Mustard, Classic Vinaigrette and Chilli & Cumin.

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow is accredited by the Good Business Charter, a proud recipient of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and a member of the Living Wage Foundation.

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