England captain backs Northamptonshire firm's revolutionary phone charger

"I started looking for answers when my wife began suffering from chronic night-time migraines"

By David Summers
Friday, 19th March 2021, 12:39 pm
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 12:40 pm
Harry Kane with a SleepHalo
Harry Kane with a SleepHalo

England and Spurs footballer Harry Kane has backed a pioneering mobile phone charger fitted with a revolutionary radiation shield developed by a company based in the Innovation Centre at Silverstone Technology Park.

The product was developed after concerns from the public about mobile phone radiation. Angel SleepHalo incorporates electromagnetic field shielding and deflects the associated radiation emitted from mobile devices whilst charging away from the bed and has been created by Northamptonshire company Angel Electronics.

The innovative product works with any phone as either a wireless charger with radiation protection, or where a phone does not have wireless charging capability, a radiation shield with the phone plugged in to its own charging cable.

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A SleepHalo

Having only been made available in the last few weeks, it has already impressed the likes of England and Spurs footballer Harry Kane, who tweeted about the product last week.

It was developed by David Clark, who already has a track record in inventing ground-breaking products. His most notable success to date was successfully creating the award-winning Road Angel brand, a suite of all-in-one driver aids that warned of dangerous roads, accident blackspots and speed camera locations to improve road safety.

David said: “I started looking for answers when my wife began suffering from chronic night-time migraines. After further exploration, we found that moving both our mobile phones well away from the bedside helped relieve her symptoms.”

“So, this got me thinking and I decided to find a working solution that allowed us to continue to charge our phones, which we needed for alarms and emergencies, but without the pain of frequent nightly migraines.”

Feeling inspired, he developed a radiation shield that incorporated a wireless charger. It was from this that SleepHalo™ was eventually born.

David added: “With more and more devices, such as car navigation and digital broadcasting, relying on radiowaves, I think radiation shields are going to become more commonplace. People are not going to stop using the technology as our lives have become so dependent on it, so we need to find a safer way to accommodate it and certainly from the feedback we’ve had about SleepHalo™, people appear to share our concerns and want this reassurance.”

The pioneering product was developed in Silverstone and manufactured in High Wycombe, in keeping with David’s determination to maintain British design and manufacturing.