Daventry DJs back spinning swinging and stomping tunes to crowds after pandemic stops play

A Daventry duo who get their kicks on the floor are back spinning vinyl to music lovers after the coronavirus pandemic pulled the needle from their records.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 10:45 am
Two Steps Beyond.

Music men Robin Scott and Paul Matthews met by chance one summer evening at a gig in Daventry.

Robin told The Gusher: "After a while we came to the conclusion we were into the same thing - records.

"While Paul mainly gets his kicks from Ska and Rocksteady, I'm digging Northern Soul, Motown and Rockabilly. These genres still have large followings in this country."

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On a whim, the two formed Two Steps Beyond and decided to 'hit the road'.

"We made it our mission to spread the word about these styles of music, which have not really gone away," added Robin.

They started playing gigs before the coronavirus hit.

Robin said: "At the end of 2019 we were playing local venues and getting noticed for playing real records wihout a CD or laptop in sight.

"The feedback we got was that it was 'refreshing' and 'unheard of these days'."

Not only do they want to educate with their musical knowledge, Robin and Paul want to help pubs and clubs get the crowds in again.

"I'm sure there's not many DJs playing these styles on real wax," added Robin.

"It's been a bad couple of years because of the coronavirus pandemic. We want to get Daventry people up and dancing again and help entertainment businesses thrive."

Their next gig is on November 20 at Casey's bar, Market Square in Daventry. Admission is free and it starts at 7pm.

To book Two Steps Beyond, telephone Robin on 07951 025601.