Photos by Kirsty Edmonds.

"We're very busy": Hairdressers across Northampton get to work on clients' lockdown hair

“It’s very exciting to be back after cutting my own hair"

Monday, 12th April 2021, 3:11 pm

Many hair salons across town opened up their doors to excited customers this morning (Monday) who have endured months of home cuts and dodgy dye kits.

Gavin McIntyre owner of a G&E McIntyres in The Ridings said: “We are re-skin testing all our clients as some will have a different reaction after vaccine or Covid, so colour appointments won’t start until Wednesday.

“We’ve had cuts and men’s appointments today and I’ve got 18 men’s cuts booked in for tomorrow which is a personal best I think! “We had our first cut in at 11am and she’s a long standing customers.”

The first customer, Jackie Taylor, said: “It’s very exciting to be back after cutting my own hair. It’s good to be getting back to some normality too as I have some holidays booked.”

The salon has also had a huge revamp during the lockdowns and now includes a colour bar in the centre of the premises to help with the ‘social salon’ aspect.

Gavin added: “We always had a five year plan to refurbish and that hit just before lockdown. “It was great to see the staff reaction last week as we’ve done so much to it that they didn’t know about. “I’ve been really positive about reopening as I think the hair and beauty sector is reopening to save people. “Hopefully now this is the last lockdown and we can start planning for six months’ time, 12 months’ time and longer.”

Grace Waker manager at Daniel Granger Hairdressing said: “We’re very busy. It was really hard to open the first time but now we have the system in place so it’s a easier.

“We’re are booked out until mid-May. Seeing clients come in this morning was just really lovely and they are all saying it feels great to be back.

"They are all grateful we’re open and they’re so happy to come back in. “We’re all just happy to be doing our job again.

“I think if anyone is anxious or fearful they see the PPE and the systems in place and they feel a lot safer.

“We’re doing everything we can to welcome them back safely and the down stairs area is only ever being used for one client so we have that where there is more space and away from the busy main part of the salon.”

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