Morrisons Daily Whitehills joins forces with Gander App to tackle food waste

Morrisons Daily Whitehills has taken a remarkable stride in the fight against food waste by partnering with the groundbreaking Gander app. Morrisons Daily Whitehills is the first retailer in Northampton on Gander which allows shoppers to stay up-to-date with real-time information on discounted food items, unlocking incredible savings while championing waste reduction.
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Gander is a game-changing app with a global mission to bring discounted food products into the limelight. Gander app users are able to see when food is reduced at their local store, and can view exactly what items have been reduced and how many are left in real time.

"We are very excited to be the first retailer in Northampton to use the Gander app," said Alex Kapadia, Owner at Morrisons Daily Whitehills. "It's great that it allows our customers to download the app and see all our reductions as they happen, and customers have already commented on how much they are saving!"

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Gander is not just a money-saving tool; it is a weapon against food waste. With it’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive listings, the app effortlessly guides shoppers towards significant savings, making a positive impact on waste reduction all the more accessible.

Morrisons Daily WhitehillsMorrisons Daily Whitehills
Morrisons Daily Whitehills

Stacey Williams, Head of Customer Engagement and Business Development, elaborated on Gander's impact. "Gander is a lifeline for families across the UK, equipping them with real-time information on reduced food items available in-store," Williams explained. "In times of financial hardship, when budgets are tight, Gander understands that its purpose extends beyond food waste prevention. It becomes a valuable tool for families to stretch their shopping budget to the maximum."

Since its inception, Gander has already helped save a staggering 25 million food items from going to waste. This remarkable milestone reflects the growing awareness and adoption of sustainable practices among retailers and consumers.

Morrisons Daily Whitehills leads by example, integrating the Gander app into their operations, solidifying their commitment to curbing food waste and providing savings to their valued customers. This partnership represents a significant stride in the battle against food waste, showcasing the positive impact that technology-driven solutions can have on forging a more sustainable future.

Download the Gander app here or via the App store or Google Play