Lawrenze Denton is the joint owner of Passenger Outfitters. Photo: Kirsty Edmonds

In pictures: Take a look inside the new independent and family-run Passenger Outfitters clothing shop in Northampton

"Passenger might bring something good to the town. We're not just a clothing store, but a community as well."

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 9:15 am

Take a look inside a brand new family-run streetwear clothing store which has opened in Northampton town centre.

Passenger Outfitters opened in York Road this month (November) by siblings Lawrenze (19), Alex (22) and Nina Denton (20).

The trio opened the store as a reincarnation of the former iconic Driver shop, which used to be on the Kettering Road before its owner died and subsequently closed.

Lawrenze told Chronicle & Echo: "We used to all shop in Driver. When we first discovered it, it changed our lives.

"I started working at Driver at the age of 16 as a Saturday boy, folding clothes mainly. I just fell in love with it. The community based around the shop, it was quite cool working there, you felt like you had a bit of purpose.

"It was more than just a shop, it was a community. It was iconic - it brought people from far and wide - and I thought this is something the people of Northampton needed to have again.

"The town needs something, a bit of community and a bit of purpose. So why not open something? It's now or never.

"I don't want to be a carbon copy of Driver because, obviously, Steve was a legend. I was so blown away by what he had achieved, though, so if I can recreate something similar with our own twist, that's the aim.

"But without Vic, Martin or Steve [from Driver], I wouldn't be the shop I am or trying to be."

Born and bred in Northampton, and currently living on Wellingborough Road, Lawrenze is confident he can bring something 'good to the town'.

He said: "I like to think I've got my finger on the pulse here in Northampton - everyone wants new clothing and something nice to wear.

"The town, I think, is dying and we have got to do something to bring it back. I just think, hopefully, come 2022, Northampton might have a bit of a resurgence.

"Passenger might bring something good to the town. We're not just a clothing store, but a community as well. We're all pretty excited about opening. I think the spot we have chosen is a lovely location.

"We've got all sorts of clothing. A good mixture of everything, I like to think. At the moment, it's just menswear, after New Year we will be stocking womenswear."

The Passenger team added: "We recognised the gap on the high street in the area for a shop selling quality clothing at affordable prices. We hope to promote British ranges in our store and a positive attitude to supporting local businesses in the area."

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