Long Buckby - Daventry - Liverpool, art by Anna Langton

An exhibition of my artwork is at Long Buckby Library & Hub, during March 2024. I've been painting scenes in Long Buckby, Daventry and Liverpool during the last year. .

June 2023, I spent a few days in Liverpool and participated in 'Landscape Artist of the Year' as a wildcard. I use acrylic paints. I also use ink and felt-tip pens. I'm regularly to be spotted rendering Long Buckby in pencil

I retired on ill-health grounds, 13 years ago. I'm a stroke survivor with left-side weakness, unable to walk very far. I use a mobility scooter for distances. As I have a ready made seat with me, I can park up, where it's safe to do so and capture the views and scenes from unusual vantage points.

When the weather is warm enough, I'm out and about in Long Buckby, drawing. People stop and chat, which is always nice. I also get out and about in Daventry.

Three of my paintings this year are 'Daventry Icon', 'ARC Cinema Daventry' and 'Daventry Bikefest'. ARC Cinema and Bikefest, were painted en plein air, last summer.

I needed to practice painting en plein air as preparation for my participation in 'Landscape Artist of the Year' as a wildcard in one of the Liverpool heats, last summer. I had an enjoyable day, painting The Albert Dock along with 49 fellow artists. I was able to see the Pod Artists at work. I even got to speak with Stephen Mangan, who was as charming as you might expect.

I spent a couple of days in Liverpool, so I had time to draw the scenes at the waterfront and take some photos. The three Liverpool paintings in my exhibition are the result.

I also work with ink and grown-up felt-tip pens. These pictures are colourful and lively. I've drawn my impression of band rehearsals at Daventry Brass and Northampton Concert Band.

My art exhibition can be viewed at Long Buckby Library & Hub, during March.