Northampton women to star on Channel 5's 'You Are What You Eat'

Be sure to watch Channel 5 this Wednesday at 8pm

Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 12:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 1:36 pm

Two women from Northampton will appear on national prime time television this week to showcase their health and fitness successes.

Helen Franks, a member of Trilogy Leisure, and Paula Cowley, a fitness instructor also at Trilogy Leisure, will star in an episode of the Channel 5 series ‘You Are What You Eat’ on Wednesday (January 12).

Helen said: “I have had the most amazing experience working with Trisha, Dr Amir, Paula and the ‘You Are What You Eat’ team and am genuinely excited about seeing the show.

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Helen Franks will appear on Channel 5's 'You Are What You Eat'.

“It was wonderful to be selected to be on the programme and to work alongside an expert like Paula who has motivated me to make changes in my life.”

‘You Are What You Eat’ , presented by Trisha Goddard and Dr Amir Khan, follows two people looking to change their eating habits over an initial eight-week period.

In each episode, Trisha Goddard, Dr Amir and a team of experts motivate two unhealthy eaters to change their lifestyles and become the healthiest versions of themselves.

The results from the episode with Helen and Paula won’t be shared until the programme airs but instructor Paula has explained what a great experience it was.

Paula Cowley - Fitness Instructor at Trilogy Fitness

Paula said: “After becoming a qualified trainer, I saw the difference I could make with others and to support Helen on her amazing journey and for it to be part of a national recognised television show is incredible.”

Staff at Trilogy Leisure say they are proud of both Helen and Paula.

Managing director, John Fletcher added: “Every day across our centres we see local residents of Northampton working hard to lose weight, to keep fit and making changes to their lives.

“To see one of these journeys on national television is very special and we are delighted that our services and our centres could be part of this story.”

Filming of 'You Are What You Eat'

Watch Helen and Paula's episode of 'You Are What You Eat' on Channel 5 at 8pm tomorrow.

From January 26, Trilogy will also launch its 12-week weight loss programme that will support people in making healthy lifestyle choices and improve their health and wellbeing.