Channel 4 host chats food allergies tonight with Northampton university graduate Julianne

The show, which uncovers the truth behind some of Britain’s most shocking food headlines, turned its focus on the complex world of food allergies, and how challenging it can be for people with allergies to eat out
Juliane Ponan pictured with TV host Kate QuiltonJuliane Ponan pictured with TV host Kate Quilton
Juliane Ponan pictured with TV host Kate Quilton

University of Northampton management and accounting graduate, Julianne Ponan, who has changed the face of the ‘free-from’ food market is featuring on Channel 4, prime-time show, Food Unwrapped.

Julianne, who herself has suffered from anaphylaxis from an early age, found it tricky to eat out and even more daunting to purchase safe snacks on the go.

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So much so, it was her own experience that became the driving force behind her business, Creative Nature, and her range of ‘free from’ foods.

Creative Nature offers allergy-safe, superfood snack bars, baking mixes and brand new product Gnawbles, which is a tasty treat, free from the top 14 allergens, are stocked in high-street heavyweights, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and more.

Speaking about the importance of the ‘free-from’ availability of foods, Julianne said: "With allergies on the rise, I wanted to make it easy so that everyone can sit together on the same table and enjoy delicious without-doubt-food, so that no one has to miss out whether they have allergies or not.

"It’s important for all of us to think about what we’re eating, and the impact that has on our bodies and the people around us.

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“With many of us becoming more aware of the health impacts of certain types of food products and preservatives, the quality of the product, or if a product is responsibly sourced, we’re seeing more people turn to ‘free-from’ food for the health benefits, as well taste.

“It can be very time consuming to think about, shop for, and prepare healthy food choices to get you through a busy day, especially if you have a food allergy or intolerance. That’s where Creative Nature comes in with our range of baking mixes and snacks.”

Julianne, 29, was included in 2019’s Forbes 30 under 30 list for Retail and E-commerce, following the rapid growth of her company.

Hear more about the health benefits of Julianne’s products and get to grips with food allergies by watching Food Unwrapped tonight on Monday, October 26, Channel 4 at 8:30pm.