Fairy tale princess asleep at The Castle

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The story of possibly the sleepiest heroine in fairytale history will be told at The Castle in Wellingborough from Monday.

This year’s “Christmas Spectacular” at the theatre will be Sleeping Beauty, the family-favourite account of a beautiful princess affected by an evil curse which forces her to sleep for many years.

As the story goes, the curse is placed upon the princess while she is still a baby and it is only when she turns 16 and pricks her finger on an old spinning wheel that she and the entire kingdom fall into a very deep sleep.

Audiences are invited to join Isis the good fairy as she battles to protect Princess Rosie against the evil curse of Fireina, the bad fairy.

Will Isis be able to step into the action and save the entire Royal household including Queen Clare, King Kevin, Disco and Turner, the young page.

What is needed is a charming prince to ride to the rescue and save the day.

This Christmas The Castle is again working with Paul Boyd, the writer of the 2008 Christmas show, Alice in Wonderland.

A spokeswoman from the theatre said: “Paul will be bringing another all-singing, all-dancing production full of catchy sing-a-long tunes, fun and crazy characters and a party atmosphere that will get everybody in the festive mood.

“This Christmas Sleeping Beauty promises to be the biggest, brightest, most beauty-filled story that was every spun.”

Sleeping Beauty will be performed at The Castle from Monday, December 10 until Saturday, December 29. Tickets range in price from £11. To book in advance, ring the box office on 01933 270007 or log on to www.thecastle.org.uk