Be prepared for some frights, shocks and ghostly happenings

The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black

Prepare for frights and spooky goings-on as The Woman In Black comes to Milton Keynes Theatre later this month.

The play is based on Susan Hill’s Victorian era novel about a man who is tormented by ghostly events from his past which he tries to deal with by enlisting the help of an actor to tell his story.

It tells the story of Arthur Kipps (Malcom James). He is a lawyer who believes a curse has been cast over him and his family by the ghostly figure of the woman in black.

He employs a young actor (Matt Connor) to help him tell his story, believing that this will help him exorcise the fears.

It is cleverly told and full of surprises, effects and events to make you jump in fright.

It was first performed on stage in Scarborough 25 years ago and has gone on to be a successful touring show and West End hit.

In 2012 it was turned into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe which was the highestgrossing British horror film in 20 years.

The play is on from Monday to Saturday, March 23, to 28. For tickets, call 0844 871 7652v or visit www.atg