Review - Errol Flynn Filmhouse and Inside Out

Inside Out
Inside Out

It has been open for more than two years but not once had I stepped inside the Errol Flynn Filmhouse.

However within a few seconds of stepping inside the venue, I wondered why I had waited so long. Going into a clean auditorium, it looked the very height of luxury with reclining and comfortable leather seats.

Errol Flynn Filmhouse

Errol Flynn Filmhouse

It was from my relaxed position that I noticed the next delight. A table to put your drink on. A proper table as opposed to the slightly awkward beverage holder that is in most mainstream cinemas.

And then an even better delight. At 1.45pm, 15 minutes before the start of Inside Out, the adverts started. One of my chief irritations about the whole cinema experience is the half hour of adverts and trailers for films you’d never even consider seeing.

But this had started early while people were taking the seats and what a delight this was. Comparing this to a recent screening of Jurassic World I went to see and the countless trailers and adverts leave me irritated before the film has started.

2pm came around and after a sweet short film called Lava, we went straight into the feature presentation.

I have to admit I was looking forward to Inside Out, Pixar has produced some absolute classics in the past.

It features a very clever idea that there are emotions who control the actions of an 11-year-old girl who has been recently relocated from her happy life in Minnesota to San Francisco.

It is a film which is very easy to like and while the youngsters will be delighted with some of the more imaginative things going on, there are plenty of jokes designed just for the adults.

I could happily sit and watch the film again and if you are looking for a different cinematic experience, I would thoroughly recommend the Errol Flynn Filmhouse.

Inside Out can be seen at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse until Thursday August 27.

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