‘I guess Covid is having a summer holiday’: Northampton residents react to Government’s Covid passports for nightclubs announcement

The latest announcement has split opinions and caused national, and local, debate

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 2:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 2:22 pm

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced yesterday (July 19) that nightclub goers would need to prove a negative Covid-19 test or that they are double jabbed.Despite clubs and large crowd venues being allowed to open now, the Covid passport rule will not come into effect until September.

Following the announcement, Chronicle & Echo asked its readers whether they thought vaccine passports are a good idea, after a debate was sparked, nationally.

A lot of people had their say as the post received more than 300 comments. There was a very mixed response.

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Vaccine passport will be mandatory for nightclubs from September. File picture.

Some fully support the system and think it could extend further into international travel.

One resident said: “Yes it's the person's right to choose to get vaccinated but it's also the employer’s right not to have non-vaccinated people work for them or the entertainment venues right not to let people in.

“Everyone has the right to choose.”

Another added: “100 percent, I also think they should go ahead with the travel passports as well.”

But, many were quick to question why the passport concept will not be enforced until September.

One reader said: “Anyone else think it is strange that the Government is allowing a free for all between now and September?

“Surely if nightclubs are a risk to the point they need their own set of rules RE: vaccinations, they should have reopened with restrictions.”

Another added: “First of all, I’m not in favour of this at all, but the only reason I got the vaccine was so I could go to the football if this happened, but why on earth wait till September if they are going to do it?”

One commented: “I guess Covid's having a summer holiday too then.

“If it's going to be implemented, it should be immediate.”

There were also residents who feel that the passport system is not the right way to manage crowds.

Some feel it impacts on their human rights and others have questioned why it is the hospitality industry having to be heavily restricted again.

One reader said: “No! People have the right to choose.

“They also have the right to decide if they want to go to such events given the risks, if any. Just like with anything in life.”

Another added: “Will that mean I’ll have to be double jabbed to take and collect my children from school? That’s a crowded place, right?

“Double jabbed to do my shopping? Again a crowded place? Where will it end.”

Another commented: “No! Having the vaccine doesn’t stop you catching or passing it on! Pointless.”

For now, the town’s nightclubs, venues and bars are excited to be allowed to open for the first time in more than a year and owners have pledged to do all they can to be Covid-safe.