The Keepers gear up for Roadmender headline gig

The Keepers
The Keepers

Northampton alternative quartet The Keepers are gearing up for their first headline gig at the Roadmender on Friday.

The band released their latest single You're All I Need in October which also featured the B-side No Man's Land and they already have a busy 2019 ahead of them with more gigs and a trip to Marburg in March to represent the town at the Mano Musik Festival.

Speaking about their forthcoming Roadmender gig, singer and guitarist Jordan Jones said: “It's a massively important show for us.

“We've got some really good small venues like The Lab and The Garibaldi in town but the Roadmender is still where all the touring bands come through and it's a kind of bucket-list thing for bands which you want to be doing.”

Jones is joined in The Keepers by lead guitarist Liam Taylor, drummer Steve Smith and bassist Oli Rumens.

You’re All I Need was written by Jordan after being fed up with politics and aspects of modern society.

He said: “I wanted to write a happy love song as a reaction and use it as a bit of an escapism.

“The B-side is different. I do a lot of traveling on trains. It's actually about Preston train station and how nothing is ever on time. You’re literally stuck in the middle of nowhere essentially.

“Both have gone down really well and the single is available on vinyl which is really important for us as well on streaming services.”

The fifth single by the band, You’re All I Need follows There’s No Going Back, Take Me On A Trip, Another Night and Here Comes Spring.

Quizzed on whether an EP or album is in the works, Liam adds: “We’re certainly looking at putting together a larger sampler we can present to people.”

Jordan adds: “I think I’ve written all of the tracks but I’m not sure we’re going to sit down and work on an album all in one go. I think we’ll record bit by bit next year and into the year after.

“There is the desire to get an album out at some point.

“I quite like the idea of a band getting a new single out everyone few months.”

As primary singer songwriter, Jordan has been using the name The Keepers for about four years and started as an acoustic singer songwriter, gigging around pubs and working men’s clubs.

The band are influenced by “the great British guitar music from the 1960s and the 1990s”.

Jordan explains “While we’ve a fairly common set up, we want to experiment and put different sounds and instrumentation into our music.

“I think what make us The Keepers is not being afraid to experiment, taking weird things and adopting the idea there's no rules and you can do what you want.”

During their time together, there have been several stand out gigs for the quartet.

Drummer Steve said: “For me, playing with Space was amazing because they are one of my 90s heroes. Also, playing at the Shiiine On festival this year was fantastic.

Guitarist Liam said: “I'd probably say supporting The Moons at the Roadmender has been my highlight. That was the first time we played there and I grew up listening to The Moons.”

Jordan added: “The Moons were one of the main influences in me forming The Keepers, Andy's a bit of a hero of mine.

"Another favourite was getting to play in Paris about a month ago."

Earlier this year, The Keepers were revealed as one of the bands which will head to Marburg in March to play at the Mano Musik Festival – representing Northampton along with The Barratts and Duncan Bisatt.

“It's a really exciting thing for bands like us to be able to go out there and play some shows and represent the town and get immersed in the whole weekend,” explains Steve.

“We’re all really looking forward to it.

“We all know bands who have been out there and had an incredible time. it’s going to be great representing the town.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, Jordan adds a priority will be aiming to carry on gigging as well as trying to secure some form of record deal to help the band continue to release new music and aiming to play more festivals during the summer.

The Keepers play the Roadmender in Northampton on Friday, December 7.

Support is by Deaf Trap and Kilamojo.

Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets cost £5.50 and are available from