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the feeling
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BRIT award nominees, The Feeling, head to Milton Keynes this month for a sold-out show at The Stables in Wavendon.

With a string of albums and accolades under their belt, the band released their fourth album, Boy Cried Wolf, at the end of last year.

WOW caught up with guitarist, Kevin Jeremiah, for a chat about the record and his hopes for the future.

Boy Cried Wolf was the first record we’ve made since our debut that was done completely independently. We didn’t have a record deal when we made it,” explained Jeremiah.

“It was a really nice experience because no one else was involved in it. It was how we did it when we did our debut, almost doing it just for the fun of it.

“We were really pleased with the reaction it’s had.”

Kevin is joined in The Feeling by his brother, Ciaran, bassist Richard Jones, drummer Paul Stewart and singer and guitarist, Dan Gillespie Sells.

Prior to the release of their debut, the band spent four months in the French Alps playing 10 shows a week during a ski season.

“It was incredibly good training,” said Jeremiah. “Playing together that much makes a massive difference when you’re doing anything musical. It was incredibility good training.”

The band’s debut single, Fill My Little World, was released in 2005 and was followed by Sewn the year after. Their debut album, Twelve Stops and Home, followed later that year.

“We went from having all the time in the world with our debut to having a huge team of people whose well-being depended on our records doing well,” said Jeremiah.

“It does change the environment, but we managed to get away from it this time around.”

While the band’s debut was recorded in various out-houses and ‘sheds’, Boy Cried Wolf was recorded in a former pub bought by their frontman which he converted into a studio.

Jeremiah explained it meant they were able to re-connect with how they originally worked as a band.

Asked if it’s the best album of their career, Jeremiah said: “It’s very hard to say, but it’s certainly up there.

“You can put it alongside the first album. It’s different but it feels like a companion to it.”

The inspiration behind Boy Cried Wolf was the demise of frontman Dan’s five-year relationship.

With his head in turmoil, he sat himself in front of a piano and started writing the album.

“He had all sort of things going around in his head,” added Jeremiah.

“Our first record was about loneliness and being in and out of love and a lot of those feelings came back.

“There’s quite a traditional approach to a lot of the songs; sad lyrics and themes but in an uplifting musical context and it works quite well.

“Dan is such a good songwriter and sums up so well the emotions you go through.

“The sadness, relief, it’s all very confusing.

“As soon as I heard these songs, I thought ‘Yep, he’s nailed it’. It’s a joy to work on songs like that.”

Having already toured the new record, many of the songs from Boy Cried Wolf have already worked their way into the The Feeling’s live set, with Jeremiah adding the reaction from fans has been excellent.

“A lot of the songs Dan wrote were quite piano led,” he explained. “It’s a bit slower in tempo than some of our previous stuff, but it’s quite an epic sound.”

A video for the band’s new single, Fall Like Rain, is out now.

Turning to the future, Jeremiah revealed The Feeling will head to Europe and America, before returning to play summer festivals in the UK.

He added: “It would be great to play in as many places as we can.

“It’s hard to get to the more exotic places. Richard has been taking flying lessons. If he can do a ‘Bruce Dickinson’ and fly us out to South America like Iron Maiden did, it’d be great.”

The Feeling play at The Stables on March 17. For ticket availability, visit