Rare Northampton Rolling Stones gig poster on sale

Rolling Stones poster Northampton 1965
Rolling Stones poster Northampton 1965
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A poster advertising a 
concert by the Rolling Stones in Northampton could be sold for up to £1,500 in a pop music memorabilia auction.

Auction house Christie’s is selling the poster as part of a sale that also includes one of John Lennon’s shirts and Charlie Chaplin’s cane.

The Rolling Stones played the ABC Cinema, which is now the Jesus Centre, in Abington Square on October 16, 1965.

The show came shortly after the group, which is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, had number one hits with (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction and Get Off of My Cloud.

During the Northampton show, players from the Casuals Rugby Club were used as bouncers to carry out any over-excited teenage girls.

The show also had to be stopped at one point when Keith Richards collapsed on stage after apparently being hit by a glass bottle thrown by a member of the audience.

Writing at the time of the show, the Chron’s reviewer, Tony Baker, labelled the performance by the Stones “noisy enough to bring down the walls of Jericho, and put them back up again”. He added: “The fans found them irresistible.

“Nothing could deter them as they surged forward in attempts to mount the stage.”

Commenting on the lead singer’s dancing style, Mr Baker said ‘Mick Jagger twitched admirably’, but he had to admit the group put on a good show.

He said: “The Rolling Stones gave a great performance, what you could hear of it.

“And who is to say these boys don’t earn their money? My ears are still ringing.”

The poster has been described as ‘fantastically rare’ by experts.

It shows the most expensive tickets for the event were sold for 12 shillings and sixpence, the modern equivalent of just 60 pence.

It will be sold by Christie’s in London on November 29.

A copy of the same poster sold on eBay in 2006 for £1,450.

The Beatles also performed at the Northampton cinema, twice, in 1963.