Jazz stars of the future heading to Corby

National Youth Jazz Orchestra
National Youth Jazz Orchestra

Three international jazz orchestras are performing at The Core this weekend.

Following a successful continental tour in 2018, the national youth jazz orchestras of the UK (National Youth Jazz Orchestra), Germany (BuJazzO) and Holland (Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest) are back on the road with Three Nations Under One Groove.

Europe’s top young jazz professionals will give audiences a taste of their distinctive national jazz dialects and a pan-European collaboration.

NYJO’s artistic director Mark Armstrong said: “An important point we want to make is about the mixed bands playing music from all three NYJO, BuJazzO and NJJO libraries showing how the various local dialects of jazz come together in the interactions between the young musicians and how this community feeling and common musical language remains vital to that generation”.

Three Nations Under One Groove is at the Corby venue on Sunday, April 7, at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £11 before fees with admission for under 18s free of charge.

To book, call 01536 470 470 or visit www.thecorecorby.com