Jazz Butcher at the Playhouse

The Jazz Butcher Quartet
The Jazz Butcher Quartet

The Jazz Butcher Quartet will be playing a festive hometown show at the Playhouse Theatre this weekend.

The band recently signed to London’s Fire Records and are on tour across the UK to promote the re-release of Last Of The Gentlemen Adventures which is due out in February next year.

The record was initially self-released album following a successful Pledge Music campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy.

Led by Pat Fish, the quartet includes Steve Garofalo, Steve New and Simon Taylor.

The Jazz Butcher first surfaced in 1983 with the release of Bath Of Bacon via Glass Records.

Despite trying to split in the mid 1990s, the band continued to play live in Europe, America and Japan, making the occasional record along the way.

After Max Eider’s withdrawal from live performance in 2014, the band re-invented itself as the Jazz Butcher Quartet with trumpeter Taylor.

Fish said: “The quartet came together about a year ago and I immediately knew we had something good, a feeling bands could strive for years to get.

“We’re going to be playing some songs which will be on the new record which I hope will come out around Autumn next year.

“While I’ve never chased record deals, Fire Records approached me about re-releasing the records. We’ve gone with Last Of The Gentlemen Adventures first because to me it’s the albums which best transcends the past and where we are now.”

The Jazz Butcher Quartet play The Playhouse Theatre in Clare Street, Northampton, on Saturday, December 12.

Special guests joining the quartet will include DJ Andy Skank and close up magician Roscoe.

Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £10 in advance and are available from Hervey Street Barbers, St Giles Cheese and Spiral Archives.

For more information, visit www.jazzbutcher.com