Indie act My First Tooth to appear in Hollyoaks

My First Tooth
My First Tooth

INDIE folk stars My First Tooth will head to the set of Channel 4’s Hollyoaks this weekend after being chosen to appear in the hit show.

The Northampton-based band has already completed one day of filming and on Saturday will head back to the studios for the final day.

My First Tooth and the show’s producers are remaining tight lipped about the story line, other than to reveal that the band will be performing as part of a music festival taking place in Hollyoaks.

My First Tooth bassist Jo Collis, said: “I’m a big fan of Hollyoaks and regularly watch the show, so to be invited up to be part of it is very exciting.

“The first day of filming was more storyline and acting parts for the cast but when we go back, it will be more performance based.

“We haven’t really done much miming like this before other than when recording music videos.

“It’s been great to see the show being filmed and see how it makes it from the set to the screen.

“It felt a bit strange to suddenly find yourself on the site of a show you watch on television, surrounded by the actors and parts of the set you recognise.”

My First Tooth have previously had one of their tracks used on the show, which has supported emerging musicians and bands for a number of years.

Jo said: “The first time I didn’t actually know about it and was sitting down watching Hollyoaks and suddenly heard one of our songs.”

My First Tooth were put forward for the latest part by the company which represents the use of their music on television.

Jo is joined in My First Tooth by Ross Witt, Gareth Jones and Sophie Galpin.