Hot Rods to head out to Northampton for one last tour

Eddie and the Hot Rods
Eddie and the Hot Rods

Legendary ‘pub rockers’ Eddie and the Hot Rods headline the Roadmender this weekend as part of their farewell tour.

Formed in Essex in 1975, the band are often credited as the ‘missing link’ between pub rock and punk.

In January, the band announced after more than 40 ears of playing across the world, 2018 would be their final run of shows.

Peter Dennis spoke to drummer Simon Bowley about the bands history and their forthcoming gig.

“My Uncle Steve Nicol, who along with vocalist Barrie Masters, formed the band in 1975,” explains Bowley.

“He was the original drummer so my earliest memory is of them being played on the stereo and watching them live on TV.

“At the age of 26 I joined Eddie and the Hot Rods and 21 years later I’ve toured all over the world, played some of the biggest festivals and had a right good time.”

The band originated from the musical hotbed that was Canvey Island and it was an era that was important in the development of rock music, ushering in a new breed of energetic bands.

“Dr. Feelgood kick started the Canvey Island scene and the music press latched onto it, a bit like the Madchester scene.

“These days there are still good bands coming from the Island but, unfortunately, there is the music industry.”

With their classic 1976 debut album Teenage Depression, the band influenced countless young musicians.

“I feel that album has a place in rock history as the link between pub rock and punk. It was recorded in just a week and sounded raw and energetic,” explains Bowley.

“The band were a rock band who likened themselves to bands like MC5 and The Stooges.

“They never got into the whole punk look and never liked the punk tag. Still, today we are a high energy rock band with a punk twist.”

The band recorded a total of eight album, the most recent been 35 Years Of Teenage Depression which was recorded to commemorate their classic album with re-workings of selected tracks.

After a notable absence the band are keen to visit the town again and made Northampton a priority on this special final tour.

“I remember visiting Northampton and the Roadmender on The Naughty Rhythm Tour back in 2000,” Bowley explains. “It’s strange really because that one went on the ‘must visit again soon’ list. Is 18 years soon?”

The gig takes place on Saturday February 17. Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets cost £13 before fees.