Heaven’s Basement kick off Filthy Empire tour

Heaven's Basement
Heaven's Basement

“There’s not much you could do to us we couldn’t fight our way through,” argues Heaven’s Basement lead guitarist Sid Glover.

Having recently joined Buckcherry in Canada for a series of shows, Heaven’s Basement are about to head out on a UK tour to coincide with the release of their debut album.

Filthy Empire was recorded in eight days in LA by John Feldmann in what was only scheduled as a trip abroad to meet prospective producers.

However, you can hardly blame Heaven’s Basement for their spur of the moment decision to record their debut, a glorious adrenaline fuelled album of classic British rock ‘n’ roll.

Since forming five years ago, they have had to overcome more than their fair share of hurdles, probably enough to convince any other band in the same position to call it a day.

“It may have only taken eight days to record, but there was about 23 years of my life up to that week,” explains Glover. “You can’t understand how much a first album means to a band.

“We’ve had so many ups and downs and hurdles and obstacles put in our way.

“The achievement of having it recorded and at a state where I’m happy with it is so satisfying.

“I’m happy to the point where I don’t really care how it performs.”

Glover was born in Kettering and grew up in Northamptonshire. Heaven’s Basement formed in 2008, playing their first gig at legendary metal venue Sawyers in Kettering. (They were also on hand to play the final show at the venue before it closed a couple of back).

“Since we stated, we lost three members of the band,” he explains.

“It’s a blow when you’ve toured for a couple of years, have an EP out and then lose your singer.

“That’s when a lot of other bands would probably give it in. We didn’t. We saw it as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves.

“We took our time and the band got rebuilt from scratch with a different attitude.

“It really toughened us up, there’s not much you could do to us we couldn’t fight our way through.”

Glover is joined in Heaven’s Basement by singer Aaron Buchanan, bassist Rob Ellershaw and drummer Chris Rivers.

Despite already clocking up several years as a touring band, much of the material which makes up Filthy Empire was written when singer Buchanan came on board.

“When Aaron joined a year and a half ago, we just wrote as much as possible,” explains Glover.

“We had tons and tons of ideas. There were Post-it notes of song ideas everywhere.

“We had an arsenal of guitar riffs and lyric ideas.

“Surprisingly though, nine of the 12 are band new. There was such a good vibe in the studio we were knocking songs out really quickly.”

Executioner’s Day - the last track on the album – is one which goes back a bit further into Glover’s past.

“I found one of my old school books from when I was a kid,” he explains.

“I’d obviously decided to do no work but there was a guitar tab in the back. I’d come up with a riff in my head and written it down so I didn’t forget it. It actually became one of the riffs on the last track.”

Last year Heaven’s Basement went to LA, meeting people to discuss recording their debut.

One of these people was Goldfinger singer and guitarist John Feldmann who has worked household names including The Used, Good Charlotte and Pappa Roach.

He hadn’t however, worked with a British rock ‘n’ roll band like Heaven’s Basement.

“We weren’t there to record,” admits Glover, “Just to test the waters.”

“Quite quickly with John, we realised we were the type of band he’d never worked with and he became hungry to do the album.

“There was an explosive energy between us we decided to get it done there and then.

“On paper, it should have never worked doing it like that.

“He had a pop punk background and we’re British rock ‘n’ roll but we found this chemistry which just made things work even though we had such contrasting views on some things.”

“It’d be hard to replicate that situation again, everyone was very out of their comfort zone but it all worked.”

Glover admits he loves all the songs, but is especially proud of the range of dynamics on the record.

“The first track is very rock ‘n’ roll but then there’s tracks like Be Somebody which has much more instrumentation on it,” he explains.

“Lights Out In London I love because it started just as a blues guitar riff but it became an epic tune with dirty vocals.”

Following their UK tour, Heaven’s Basement will head to Europe supporting Black Vail Brides.

They will also play at this year’s Download Festival in Leicestershire.

Filthy Empire is out on Monday, February 4.

They play The Vault in Rugby on Tuesday, February 5. Doors open at 8pm and tickets cost £6.

For more information and full tour dates, visit http://heavensbasement.com.