Festival appeals for funding help

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Organisers of this year’s Northampton Music Festival are appealing for businesses big and small to get involved.

The annual festival takes place at venues and on outdoor stages across Northampton, showcases the best music from across the county and draws thousands of people into the town.

While the festival receives support from councils and Northampton BID, the not for profit organisation which runs it also relies on donations.

Project director Jo Burns-Russell said: “Part of the ethos is to raise the profile of the town through music and to support its economy.

“For us to be able to do that, it’s essential we have partnerships with local businesses.

“It’s a two way street. Business can help by supporting us with things like funding, facilities or funding in kind and in return we drive business into the town and help advertise those business to new audiences.”

This year’s festival is due to take place in June and will looking to repeat the success of previous years.

Project manager, Yoshe Watson, said: “Last year we increased footfall in the town centre by 14,000 on the festival Sunday.

“There were people engaging in cultural activities but also walking around town and staying for longer than they normally would do. We had people visiting venues they had never been to before, yet had heard about through NMF and then going back to them.”

Business can help NMF through donations but also with things like catering, travelling expenses, flyer and advertising costs or by simply promoting the event in their shop or workplace.

As well championing current local talent, Mrs Burns-Russell said the festival’s aim is also to highlight musicians who are from the town and have found success, yet may no longer live the county.

She said: “The festival is free and we want to keep it that way. If we had the budget to bring in acts of big, national calibre we would. But when we’re dealing with smaller budgets, we could spend 50 per cent on one headliner, or the same on enabling 80 local acts to play. We have got a responsibility to re-invest that money back into Northamptonshire.” For more information, visit www.northamptonmusicfestival.co.uk