Love in a Mist heading to Northampton

Love in a Mist
Love in a Mist

A period comedy set in the 1940s will be staged at The Playhouse Theatre in Northampton later this month

Love in a Mist can be seen at the Northampton venue from Tuesday to Saturday September 18 to 22.

Newlyweds Pat and Nigel get lost in the mist and end up trapped in a cottage owned by Mr and Mrs Evans, which also happens to be a duck farm.

Following the arrival of Rose and Howard, also lost, and on a dirty weekend, the six find themselves trapped with only poultry journals for company, and more importantly, limited sleeping arrangements.

The cast features Gena McCrystal as Mrs Evans, Kevin Evans as Nigel, Georgina Pearson as Pat, Simon Rye as Mr

Evans, Siôn Grace as Howard, and Holly Parker-Guest as Rose.

Tickets cost £9 and £8 for concessions. All details are on the theatre’s website at