Interview: Don Broco support act LaFontaines talk ahead of Roadmender gig

The LaFontaines will be joining Don Broco at the Roadmender next week. Ahead of the show, frontman Kerr Okan spoke about the band, their new album Common Problem and heading on tour with one of the region's biggest bands.

Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 5:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 5:31 pm
The LaFontaines

Q - The LaFontaines have a reputation as one of the live bands in Scotland - is getting people to the shows the key to future domination?

“Live has and always will be our main priority – it’s where the band comes alive.

“We have the best possible time at every show we play, regardless of city or venue and I think that translates to the crowd.

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“That’s why we have that reputation.

“People can tell when something is genuine, when a band is being authentic and true to themselves.

“Live is where you get to witness what The LaFontaines are all about. Plus we are absolutely class live to be fair.”

Q - Your last album Common Problem showed massive growth in terms of writing and production and also explored the lighter and darker elements of the band more than ever - where do you go from there?

“Common Problem was certainly a darker record than our debut.

“With Class, we had all our lives to write, and up to that point everything was still pretty new and exciting.

“With Common Problem we had seen a lot more of the world, we had toured pretty much everywhere you could as a band, and the world was/still is in a pretty shaky state - so lyrically I couldn’t help but write about that.

“I think in terms of what comes next we just carry on doing our thing.

“We already have a unique sound so we never need to worry about anything sounding rehashed or redundant. Just carry on making some big tunes.

Q – You’ve released two albums since forming 10 years ago and remained independent, has that been challenging?

A - We’ve been 100 per cent independent since we started The LaFontaines 10 years ago.

“That means everything from forming our own record label, manufacturing our own CD’s, creating our own merch, artwork and videos since day one – all on the tightest of budgets.

“The only problem we face is finance. More money means more exposure.

“We’ve never had a problem with anyone not being ready for the music, our only issue has been giving them the opportunity to hear it. That’s why live performances mean everything to us.

Q - What's happening in terms of writing and recording at the moment?

A - Just before we jumped on this tour, we were in the studio recording new material.

“In fact, as soon as we get our next day off on this run we are heading back to Glasgow to finish a couple songs off.

“We never really stopped writing after Common Problem and since then everything has been flowing pretty well.

“The way things are going at the moment we will have another release by the end of the year.

“It already sounds pretty different to our last record.

Q - How exciting is it to be heading back out on the road with Don Broco?

A - “We‘ve never been as excited about a tour as we are for this one, genuinely.

“We had a night out with the boys in Broco a few years back in Birmingham and it was total class.

“They are up for a laugh and they play good tunes, what more could you want?

“One of the best things for us is that we get to play to a whole host of new people.

“Any opportunity we get to spread the music is something we appreciate and will make the most of.

“Please get yourself down as early as possible and we promise we won’t disappoint.”