Northampton is backdrop to film about woman’s battle to quit prostitution

Stephen Loveless and Kemal Yildirim are making a film about prostitution.
Stephen Loveless and Kemal Yildirim are making a film about prostitution.

A NEW film focusing on a true story about one Northampton woman’s fight to leave prostitution will be filmed in the town next month.

Rose is a new feature film directed by Kemal Yildirim, aged 33, from Kingsthorpe, and written by Stephen Loveless from Northampton town centre, who is a Daphine Du Maurier Literary Prize winner.

The plot of the film, which was first made as a Cannes-screened short film, will focus on a character called Rose who is a prostitute battling with her drug addiction while trying to care for her six-year-old daughter.

It will be filmed in various locations throughout Northampton, including Kettering Road, between Monday, July 18 and Sunday, July 31.

Mr Yildrim, who has directed 20 short films and three other feature films, said: “It will be a snapshot of her reclaiming her life and is based on the life of one of my friends, although parts have been dramatised.

“She has now turned her life around and left Northampton but is happy we have made something positive from her experiences.

“We are also setting up The Rose Foundation to help people who are in a similar position.

“We have got advice about the film from CAN and the Swan Project, who let us speak to drug addicts and prostitutes about the mental torture they have gone through.

“It is a gritty film but we really want something positive to come out of it.”

The film will star Northampton-born actress Helen Clifford. Anyone who would like to appear as an extra in the film should call 07782 171882 or email: