Coming in from the cold for tour

Doug Allan
Doug Allan

A camera man described by Sir David Attenborough as the toughest in the business is to talk about his career at an event at The Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering.

Doug Allan talks about his time behind the lens on Friday November 6 starting at 7.30pm.

He is an award winning camera work and his appearances in popular BBC series, such as The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet.

The show offers unique personal insights into the challenges of filming animals in the wildest places on Earth, and the challenges they face for survival.

Doug’s presentation also includes mesmerising footage and remarkable photographs from his trips that also feature in his book Freeze Frame, about his life as a polar cameraman.

Doug speaks highly of Sir David with whom he has worked with for three decades.

He said: “I have always thought that we were kindred spirits. We got on very well straight away.

“He is lovely human being and will always get very excited about a project.”

Doug has filmed in some of the toughest environments including the Antarctic and he will give an insight into that working environment.

“Once you get past the cold, there is a difference between being chilly and having your extremities frozen. After that, you then look at the best way of capturing those things and it is fascinating.”

And he hopes people interested in nature programmes will come along to the show.

Doug said: “I think if people like those 10 minutes making of behind the scenes piece then they should come along because I think they will find it fascinating.

“It will add a bit more insight into the job that I do and the conditions that I work in to capture the footage

Tickets cost between £15.50 and £17.50. They can be booked by calling 01536 414141 or visit