Church stages emotive drama


A play all about the horrors of the First World War is to be performed at St Peter’s Church in Northampton.

Looking Glass Theatre is staging Killed on Saturday, November 14, and Sunday, November 15.

Billy Dean, a young British “Tommy” during the First World War, gets separated from his battalion during an attack on an enemy position, and is subsequently sentenced to be shot for cowardice.

The play starts the night before Billy’s execution, and through a series of flashbacks the action cross cuts between The Western Front and a Munition’s Factory in England where Billy’s wife May works.

Was Billy’s fate misfortune or cowardice? It will be up to the audience to decide for themselves.

The play itself was originally created and produced by the Theatre in Education Company at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry in the 1980s and is based on a true story found in a book called The Thin Yellow Line by William Moore.

Saturday’s performance starts at 7pm and Sunday’s starts at 3pm. Tickets cost between £8 and £10. To book visit