Children’s storytime sessions at The Magic Bean Emporium in Northampton

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The Magic Bean Emporium in Northampton is running a series of children’s storytime sessions.

The Emporium, which is based in St Giles Street, has linked up with theatre group CLICK and has been telling traditional fairytale stories.

The next session is tomorrow at 2pm, with the story of Mulan. This is followed by Sunday September 7 at 3pm with Aesops Animal Fables; September 20 with Snow Queen at 3pm; September 24 - Snow White; September 27 - Aladdin; and October 4 - Peter Pan.

Admission is £5 and prices and princesses are invited to wear their favourite fairytale outfits.

Michella Dos Santos, from the Magic Bean Emporium, said: “In the 20th Century, traditional storytelling as a form of entertainment seems to be slowly disappearing with a preference for films or TV taking over, and yet stories have been used throughout time to capture the imagination, promote and understand culture and heritage, as well as teach values and morals.

“Theorists and publishers continue to impress the importance of storytelling within the classroom as it introduces students to the rhythm of language, interpretation and enhances critical and creative thinking skills.

“Most importantly, stories give us a chance to connect with each other and share our experiences on a deep, emotive level - giving us a learning experience that helps us make sense of our feelings.

“We wish to keep the value of storytelling alive and hope to see you soon at one of our events! The Magic Bean Emporium also invites storytellers, writers, book clubs, film groups and artists to hire Cinderella’s Cellar as an intimate space to perform your work.”