Carnevil time as a ghoulish circus of macarbre hits town

Circus of Horrors
Circus of Horrors

A show which was seen on Britain’s Got Talent and has been touring around the United Kingdom for the past 21 years is coming to Wellingborough on Saturday.

The Circus of Horrors show can be seen at The Castle Theatre can be seen at 7.30pm. The latest incarnation “Carnevil” is set in Victorian London in 1899.

Jack the Ripper was still at large and this was the age of the Freakshow.

Three young and damned adolescents dream of running away to join the circus only to see their dream become a nightmare in a decrepit and corpse ridden Carnevil.

It also plagued by a swamp of killer klowns, sword swallowers, demon dwarfs, death defying aerialists, A Guinness World Record holding hairculian diva swinging solely from her hair, back flipping and fire limboing acrobats and lots lots more.

It is a show ruled by the undead and climaxing in a flaming apocalypse.

Tickets for the show cost between £15 and £20 and are selling fast.

For further information, or to book tickets in advance, call the box office on 01933 270007 or visit