Bar to be turned into film set for upcoming thriller based on Northampton author's book

Eddie Mann
Eddie Mann

A Northampton author is inviting members of the public to meet him and the cast of a film based on his book at a bar being used for promotional shots.

Eddie Mann is in the process of turning his thriller, Ordinarily Unthinkable, into a feature-length film, with most of the cast in place and directors vying to take it on.

The cover of Ordinarily Unthinkable. Photo courtesy of Eddie Mann

The cover of Ordinarily Unthinkable. Photo courtesy of Eddie Mann

The team will be taking over The King Billy Rock Bar on Commercial Street for photographs and promotional filming with realistic replica weapons from 12-4pm on Saturday, July 6.

The author said: "It's a very exciting project although we're doing it a bit non-traditional, but I think a lot of people don't often see the filming side of things, even though we're doing promo videos, it's everything you would normally see on a film set."

Eddie started writing his book, about a biker who searches for vengeance after his family is killed, in 2015 after having a mental breakdown.

The veteran and former Prison Service employee, who loves motorcycles himself, found writing therapeutic and had his novel published almost two years ago.

Three months ago he was contacted by an actor who wanted to turn the book into a movie and since then Eddie said it has been a whirlwind of meetings to try to get it off the ground.

The event at The King Billy will give visitors the chance to meet Eddie and the actors, as well as buy discounted, signed copies of the book and signed headshots from the cast.

Eddie is confident the film will get the funding it needs, with an optimistic guess of it taking around two years before anyone gets to see it.

For more information, visit the Facebook page for the project.