Stormbringer ready to rock the Roadmender at Northampton gig


Northants metal five-piece Stormbringer are headlining the Roadmender next week, with the show set to be their first in the county since the return of their original singer to the line-up.

Stormbringer are currently working on the follow up to 2017’s Born A Dying Breed, with next week’s gig marking the next chapter for the band.

Speaking about the gig, guitarist Darren Caven-Quantrill said: “The build up to this gig has been mind-blowing. The tickets were selling so fast the Roadmender moved us to the main room which suits us fine as we live for the bigger stage to perform on.

“It’s in the bands DNA to bring a big live production to a show, but also have a blast in the process.”

Stormbringer’s debut LP MMXIII was released in 2013 and featured vocalist Mike Stockley who departed the following year with Jimi Brown joining the band.

Their second LP Blood and Rust followed in 2015 with Born A Dying Breed released two years later.

After announcing Jimi’s departure earlier this year, Mike returned to again front the band.

Talking about the change of personnel, drummer Jon Paul Quantrill said: “At the time of course it was a shock but Jimi’s personal circumstances changed and he could no longer commit to the band long term.

“Stormbringer’s a strong unit and it’s never been about any individual member.”

Stockley added: “It happened out of jest, I jokingly said about returning and we all laughed at the idea as I'm so far away, it seemed like an impossible task.

“But then we all just let the idea sink in and thought, ‘What if…’?

“We all worked out circumstances that suited the band and well, I'm back.

“It’s going to be awesome seeing familiar faces and meeting all the new fans that the band have built up during my absence.”

Guitarist Darren Caven-Quantrill said: “Like Mikey said, a joke quickly turned into a really exciting prospect for us all.

“In his time away, Mike has been studying vocal performance and the music business academically and that’s what really hit home during various writing sessions - his control and understanding of his voice is inspiring.

“In the end, the decision to move forwards was a very easy one to make.”

Stormbringer are expected to preview a couple of new tracks at next weekend’s Roadmender gig with John Paul Quantrill explaining the band is looking planning to record the LP next year.

He said: “We are really excited about how it’s sounding as the band continues to evolve, while keeping its core identity and the classic Stormbringer ‘straight beats and fancy fills’.

“Although we are 75 per cent there musically, we are not going to rush it.

“Mikey has to finish his degree first in the next couple of months and then we can really accelerate bringing together what we have.”

Following the Roadmender show, the band has as run of gigs up to Christmas, including two in one day in September which will see them opening the Redemption festival in Wakefield before heading to Norwich to play the same night.

Stormbringer headline the Roadmender on Friday, September 6.

Support is by Still Remains, Parallax and Broken Empire.

Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets cost £6.50 in advance before fees.

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