Northants band Big Dirty talk about recording at iconic Maida Vale studios

The Big Dirty recently headed to Maida Vale Studios in London to record a series of tracks for the BBC.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 2:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 3:13 pm
The Big Dirty at Maida Vale
The Big Dirty at Maida Vale

The band joined BBC Music’s Introducing in Northampton host Lal Muttock who put the four-piece forward as part of the organisation’s ‘Ones to Watch 2020’ project.

Singer James Shaw said: “Recording at Maida Vale was crazy, exciting, nerve-wracking and surreal all rolled into one.

“We were in Studio 3, which was a gargantuan room. It was amazing to think we were recording in the same room as some of the world’s greatest ever musicians - it was the last ever place Bing Crosby recorded. That’s just insane.”

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The band recorded the tracks Sex Rock City, Dirty Rider and Swine.

The last-named is a song they have been working on with Tony Ceasar, Drunken Master and production company Giant Dwarf.

James, who is joined in The Big Dirty by guitarist C Diddy, bassist JC and drummer T Dawg, added: “Lal has been really supportive of us over the last few years and we’re extremely grateful he bestowed this honour upon us.”

The tracks will be aired later this year.

The Big Dirty are currently working on the music video for Swine, which like its predecessor Rhythm Of My Drum will be another epic affair.

James added: “It’s been a very laborious project but we’re nearing the finishing line.

“The video will take the shape of an all-out brawl between ourselves and some less than courteous record executives who are trying to rip us off.”

“It's better to put some time and effort into making something that’s epic, rather than a cheap video of us playing on the side of the street. We’re The Big Dirty and we never do things by half measures.”

The band is due to release their debut LP next year. For details about the recording of Swine, visit: