DMA's at the Roadmender: Great band, shame about some fans

David Jackson reviews DMA's at the Roadmender, Northampton

Friday, 1st July 2016, 1:49 pm
Updated Friday, 1st July 2016, 3:51 pm
DMA's, Roadmender, Northampton. Picture by David Jackson

Aussie trio DMA’s battled through pre-gig delays and sound woes for a triumphant return to the region on Wednesday.

The death of a mixing desk ahead of their arrival on stage at the Roadmender meant the opening proportion of their set was spent trying to recreate hours of previous fine tuning.

Fresh from playing the Glastonbury Festival, an apologetic DMA’s – playing live as a six-piece – tore through tracks form their debut album Hills End.

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DMA's, Roadmender, Northampton. Picture by David Jackson

While their debut has a somewhat ‘lighter’ edge, live DMA’s are ferociously loud with a sound reminiscent of Britpop at its most powerful and a swagger to match.

Opening with Timeless, tracks including In The Moment, Lay Down set closer Play It Out were among the highlights.

Despite only having a handful of releases under their belt, DMA’s already have an enviable number of hook-laden anthems at their disposal.

DMA’s don’t try to shy away from some of their more obvious British influences from two decades earlier and are steadily picking up a legion of fans who were both there first time around and also those after an indie fix for the first time.

DMA's, Roadmender, Northampton. Picture by David Jackson

But one battle the band does have to contest with is a small minority of fans. The sort of ‘lads’ who sing about ’10 German bombers’, as if they were part of the war effort when in reality they’d have been in nappies during even the Gulf War. The part-time wannabe footy hooligan who in reality would run home at sight of a Russian Ultra.

Thankfully, when the PA did finally kicked back in, this small minority of idiots were drowned out.