NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: ONs close in on title as rivals Peterborough slip up

Old Northamptonians took a huge step towards regaining their Hevey Building Supplies NCL Premier Division title on Saturday.

Saturday, 16th September 2017, 10:33 am
Updated Saturday, 16th September 2017, 10:37 am
Saif Zaib on his way to a century for Saints against Rushton (Pictures: Dave Ikin)

ONs thrashed Oundle by nine wickets on Saturday, and with closest rivals Peterborough losing to Finedon Dolben, Rob White’s men find themselves 20 points clear at the top with just one game remaining.

This Saturday ONs will clinch the silverware if they take a single point from their clash with rivals Rushton, who moved into second place following their draw with Saints at the weekend.

On Saturday, Gareth Wade took seven wickets as Oundle were dismissed for just 67, and ONs cantered home at 68 for one.

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ONs IIs v Finedon IIs

Peterborough failed to handle the pressure at Finedon as they were rushed out for 103, with fourth-placed Finedon then easing to 107 for four thanks to 53 from Callum Berrill.

Rushton were again denied victory as Saints hammered 306 for nine at Billing Road, with Northants teenager Saif Zaib crashing 131 and Jack Mousley 80.

Ben Coddington then scored 80 and James Kettleborough 62, but Rushton fell short at 265 for eight.

Full results and this weekend’s fixtures below.

ONs IIs v Finedon IIs


Saturday, September 9, 2017


Finedon Dolben 107-4 (Callum Berrill 53, Joe Dawborn 3-43) beat Peterborough 103 all out (Ed Hodgson 3-25, Jack Carroll 3-33) by 6 wkts

ONs IIs v Finedon IIs

Geddington 80-7 (James Gaul 6-36) drew with Rushden - rain

Northampton Saints 306-9 (Saif Zaib 131, Jack Mousley 80, Joe Collins 28, (James Kettleborough 4-60) drew with Rushton 265-8 (James Kettleborough 62, Ben Coddington 80, Andrew Reynoldson 44, Jack Parker 30, Mayur Odedra 4-52)

Oundle 67 all out (Gareth Wade 7-27, Rob White 3-11) lost to Old Northamptonians 68-1 by 9 wkts

Stony Stratford 119 all out (Alex Strong 47, Mark Wolstenholme 5-45) lost to Horton House 120-9 (Elliott Ruff 43no, Dean Bryce 3-40, Alex Strong 4-43) by 1 wkt

ONs IIs v Finedon IIs

Wollaston 180-9 (Mark Ralph 45, Ross McLean 3-45) beat Brixworth 179-7 (Fred Newborough 40, William Thomas 30, Callum Guest 48, Thomas Howes 3-54) by 1 wkt


Brigstock 190-6 (Suk Singh 48, Sat Singh 71, Tashwin Lukas 35, Kyle Awbery 3-68) drew with Wellingborough Town 24-9 (Tashwin Lukas 7-10)

Desborough 136-2 (Simon Renshaw 56no, Ben Westerby 37, Wayne Steed 32) drew with Weekley and Warkton 263-7 (Sam Palmer 66, Robert Head 56, James Smith 32no, Lewis Ward 3-31)

Isham 187-8 (Tim Robinson 29, Ben Atkinson 59, Ryan Conyard 38no, Stephan Joubert 4-49) drew with East Haddon 135-7 (Jack Dudleston 35, Stephan Joubert 37, Ben Atkinson 3-42)

Loddington 76 all out (James Coles 28, John Maynard 8-38) lost to Burton Latimer 80-6 (Daniel Bird 29no, Ben Roberts 5-22) by 4 wkts

Saints v Rushton

Old Northamptonians IIs 156-8 (Alex Wheatley 28, Mohit Nain 56) drew with Finedon Dolben IIs 177-9 (Matthew Swann 55, Tom Swann 77, Nicholas Cooper 4-63)

Thrapston 0-0 drew with Overstone Park 95-4 - rain


Earls Barton 75 all out (Chris George 27, Ben Parsons 5-29, Michael Jones 4-26) lost to Irthlingborough Town 78-1 (Ashley Doggett 35no) by 9 wkts

Great Houghton 137 all out (Ben Mousley 51, Luke Mcafee 28, Barry Kang 3-30, Theo Brooks 4-15) lost to Kettering 138-1 (Guven Kooner 91no, James Parker 30) by 9 wkts

Old Wellingburians 85-7 (Michael Hosking 5-29) beat Old 83 all out (Karim Prince 4-25) by 3 wkts

Peterborough IIs 49-2 (Kyle Medcalf 32no) drew with Northampton Saints IIs 0-0 - rain

Rushden IIs 117-8 (Ashely Denton 30) drew with Long Buckby 0-0 - rain

Wellingborough Indians 156-8 (Vivek Patel 40, Sunny Patel 57no, Matt Rowe 3-24) lost to St Crispins Ryelands 157-3 (Thomas Robotham 45, Tom Goodman 42, Chris Taylor 40) by 7 wkts


Brixworth IIs 119 all out (Paul Gardner 33, Stuart Bonthuys 30, Steve Musgrave 3-53) lost to Wollaston IIs 183-4 (Patrick Bright 53, Steve Musgrave 55no, Simon Driver 29no) by 64 runs

Horton House IIs 129-8 (Alex Walker 34, Harsh Patel 3-31, Alex Stockton 3-26) drew with Stony Stratford IIs 181-3 (Andy Ward 88, Sainath Ravikumar 53no)

Irchester 119 all out (Harry Green 27, James Edwards 3-38, Jacob Gilder 3-21) drew with Heyford 100-3 (Simon Legge 43no)

Kislingbury 168-4 (Byron Wyngard 50, Patrick Morris 33, Eddie Fowler 34no) beat Oundle IIs 167 all out (James Brackenbury 56, Benjamin Swingler-Brown 4-40, Nathan Jones 4-35) by 6 wkts

Old Grammarians 0-0 drew with Great Oakley 58-5 - rain

Rothwell 170-6 (Faraz Ulhaq 88, Robin Thapar 49, Levi Draper 3-53) drew with Old Northamptonians IIIs 116-7 (George Edmonds 33, Tom Hogan 31)


Bowden 210-9 (Daniel Broughton 49, Alex Frith 49, Liam Souster 3-28, David Dicks 3-72) drew with Podington 129-5 (Ian Hart 51, Sam Freer 3-18)

Overstone Park IIs 175 all out (Ashil Patel 39, Ben Hartley 45, Thomas Pope 32, Toby Nevett 4-46) beat Finedon Dolben IIIs 72 all out (Daniel Thacker 4-21, Marc Bliss 3-31) by 103 runs

Rushton IIs 0-0 drew with Raunds 63-3 (Prince Jowells 39) - rain

St Crispins Ryelands IIs 165 all out lost to Weldon 166-1 by 9 wkts

Wellingborough Town IIs 109-8 (Thomas Keeney 36) drew with Geddington IIs 203-8 (Marcus Knight 102, Thomas Keeney 7-53)

West Haddon and Guilsborough 30-0 beat Grendon and Prims 28 all out by 10 wkts


Bold Dragoon 177-9 (Paul Smith 3-21, Nick Lester 5-61) beat Cogenhoe 176-9 (Fletcher Callaghan 31, Henry Swallow 44, Daniel O’Dell 3-37, Jimmy O’Dell 5-53) by 1 wkt

Kettering IIs 172-3 (William Bissaker 46, Rob Starsmore 40no, Graham Smart 50no) beat Rothwell IIs 171-6 (Stephen O’Brien 54, Daniel Craig 53no, Philip Cross 30) by 7 wkts

Northampton Saints IIIs 105 all out (Tom Law 46, Daniel Denton 3-24, Jahangir Ahmed 31-12) lost to Kempston 194-3 (Daniel Clark 86, Gavin Howson 91) by 89 runs

S and L Corby 194-8 (Mike McGeown 55, Ben Lawman 33, Ffrancon Williams 3-36) drew with Thrapston IIs 0-0 - rain

Weekley and Warkton IIs 153 all out drew with Stony Stratford IIIs 91-3

Yelvertoft 116 all out (John Eccles 39, Danny Harris 5-34, Steven Materna 4-15) lost to Higham Ferrers 117-5 (James Walker 28, Steven Materna 42no) by 5 wkts


Podington IIs 54-1 beat Carrib United 52 all out by 9 wkts


Mears Ashby 129-9 (Jamie Podkowka 27, Adrian Abbott 32no, Sean Carter 6-20) drew with Earls Barton IIs 134 all out (Matthew Desborough 32, Chris Smart 30, Mike Thompson 3-33, Jamie Burrows 3-18)

Old IIs 65-2 v Horton House IIIs - rain


Oundle IIIs 140 all out (Simon Aldous 35, Chris Lack 3-33, Paul Kimpton 3-27) drew with Raunds IIs 0-0 - rain


Heyford IIs 125 all out (Joshua Bastin 33, Peter Incley 3-47) lost to Long Buckby IIs 122-9 (Joe Oliver 33, Devan Sisodiya 28, Jordan Smith 3-32, Joshua Bastin 3-15) on run rate


Finedon Dolben IVs 69-4 (Matthew Carroll 41no, Dale Ansell 3-6) beat Kislingbury IIs 68 all out (Luke Evans 30, Owen West 3-15) by 6 wkts

Higham Ferrers IIs 67 all out (Lee Collett 37, Tony Bird 3-13, Mark Bird 3-24) lost to Cogenhoe IIs 197-9 (Jack Quennell 105, Tom Irimpan 5-23) by 130 runs

Horton House IVs v Burton Latimer IIIs 16-1 - rain

Old Northamptonians Vs 100 all out (Chris Pedel 32no, Bertie Dunkley 5-20) lost to Overstone Park IVs 177-6 (Ian Murphy 60no, Matthew Cove 3-44) by 77 runs


Grange Park 192-5 beat Mears Ashby IIs 102-7 on run rate

Old Grammarians IIIs 69 all out (Greg Wilson 5-13, George Wright 3-12) lost to Obelisk IIs 122-8 (Steven Smith 56, Charlie Bridgeford 3-21) by 53 runs

Stony Stratford IVs 85-1 (Digory Little 58no) beat St Michaels 74 IIs 84 all out (Charlie Gibbins 32, Ritvik Bharamgoudar 3-22, Matthew Parkin 3-12) by 9 wkts


Brixworth IVs 0-0 v Barby IIIs 9-2 - rain

Isham Zingari 105 all out (Timothy Keeber 3-17) beat Old IIIs 93 all out (Cai Mackman 44, Aaron Langley 3-18) by 12 runs

Kettering IVs 216-3 (David Judd 86, Clive Wears 78no) beat Thrapston IVs 205-8 (Kyle Oliver 34, Andrew Thomas 50) by 11 runs


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Premier Division: Brixworth v Stony Stratford, Horton House v Oundle, Northampton Saints v Finedon Dolben, Peterborough v Geddington, Rushden v Wollaston, Rushton v Old Northamptonians.

Division One: Burton Latimer v Isham, Finedon Dolben IIs v East Haddon, Old Northamptonians IIs v Thrapston, Overstone Park v Brigstock, Weekley & Warkton v Loddington, Wellingborough Town v Desborough.

Division Two: Irthlingborough Town v Wellingborough Indians, Kettering v Earls Barton, Long Buckby v Peterborough IIs, Old v Northampton Saints IIs, Old Wellingburians v Great Houghton, St Crispin & Ryelands v Rushden IIs.

Division Three: Great Oakley v Irchester, Old Northamptonians IIIs v Heyford, Oundle IIs v Horton House IIs, Rothwell v Kislingbury, Stony Stratford IIs v Brixworth IIs, Wollaston IIs v Old Grammarians.

Division Four: Bowden v Rushton IIs, Geddington IIs v Overstone Park IIs, Grendon & Prims v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs, Podington v Finedon Dolben IIIs, Raunds v West Haddon & Guilsborough, Weldon v Wellingborough Town IIs.

Division Five: Cogenhoe v Yelvertoft, Higham Ferrers v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Kempston v Kettering IIs, S&L Corby v Bold Dragoon, Stony Stratford IIIs v Northampton Saints IIIs, Thrapston IIs v Rothwell IIs.

Division Six: East Haddon IIs v Podington IIs, Loddington IIs v Isham IIs.

Division Seven: Mears Ashby v Old IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Great Oakley IIs.

Division Nine: Irchester IIs v Heyford IIs.

Division 11: Burton Latimer IIIs v Overstone Park IVs, Kislingbury IIs v Cogenhoe IIs, Old Northamptonians Vs v Higham Ferrers IIs.

Division 12: Irthlingborough Town IIIs v St Michaels 74 IIs.

Division 13: Barton Seagrave IIs v Brixworth IVs, Walgrave 13 Old IIIs v Stony Stratford Vs

Saints v Rushton
Saints v Rushton
Saints v Rushton
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs
Saints v Rushton
Saints v Rushton
Saints v Rushton
Saints v Rushton
ONs IIs v Finedon IIs