KARTING: Knights finish in style to secure third spot

The Northampton Knights karting team
The Northampton Knights karting team

The Northampton Knights karting team made the trip up to Teeside Autodrome in Middlesbrough for the final round of the Elite Karting League.

The Knights made the trip sitting in third position with a very small margin either side to second and fourth positions, the Titan Tornados and Cosely Cougars respectively.

The team consisted of Luke Austin (25, from Northampton), Connor Marsh (18, Northampton), Ian Williams (29, Buckingham) and Ronan McKenzie (17, Wellingborough).

The weather conditions were as far away from being ideal as could be imagined, with the event being suspended for an hour in the middle of the day due to a lack of visibility.

Once racing resumed the Knights managed to secure fourth place in the 12 sprint races which heading into the endurance section of the event secured the Knights at least third in the league.

The endurance qualifying didn’t start too well with the Knights qualifying in sixth and Tornados were sat on the front row. It was clear that it would be a very tough race to attempt to claim second in the league.

Momentarily after the first round of pit stops the Knights were leading the race, however when lapping other karts, one backmarker became troublesome and held the team up resulting in a drop to third, where the Knights remained for the rest of the two-hour race.

The day’s result put the Knights in third which secured third position in the league standings. A vast improvement on the seventh place earned in 2014.

Club chairman Luke Austin said: “It has been a very strong year for the Knights. We’re very happy with what we have achieved this year and we will be setting our sights even higher next year.”