TOWN LEAGUE TABLE TENNIS: Brian’s the best in big win for the Kingsley A

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Brian Wooding was the star man in Kingsley A’s 8-2 Town League Premier Division victory over their B side.

Wooding led from the front with a fine hat-trick against Andy Law, Andy Harrison and Tony Wharton.

He was supported by two wins each by Tony Woodward and Chris Stone in their 8-2 win. For the B team Andy Law scored the two points.

Malcolm Arnold Owls and Malcolm Arnold Magpies fought out a typical local derby encounter which ended in a 5-5 draw.

For the Owls Dan Smalley’s hat-trick was the highlight as the Magpies hit back with two wins each by Henry Arthur and Kyle Myrie and a singleton from Martin Hall, who beat Nick Howard but lost to Smalley and Pawel Juraszczyk.

This gave them a 5-4 advantage after the singles events but the Owls took the final doubles to force the draw.

Andy Wood hit another treble for Park Avenue in their match against University, Jamie Chamberlain and Gerald Henson also getting into the act with two wins each. Ryan Gaveglia prevented the whitewash with two victories for the University side.

Malcolm Arnold A hit nine against DCA Flyers with hat tricks from both Andy Trott and Aaron Lee against Phil Snelling, Keith Lucas and Guy Sparrow and a brace from Ben Tombs.

Trott also paired up Lee Aaron to win the doubles while the solitary point for the Flyers came from Sparrow who beat Ben Tombs in straight sets.

In division one, DCA Panthers whitewashed club mates DCA Lions who could only field two players. Alec Kingston Andrejus Satelka and Mark Stewart did the damage.

Headlands Harriers had a 9-1 win over Malcolm Arnold B with Ian Baldock and Auch Demeter scoring hat tricks with Vic Codner winning two. Demeter teamed up with Clem Little to take the doubles. Frank Whiteley scored MAB’s solitary point.

ACC A beat Headlands Hares 6-4 with Pete Gibbs and Chris Alder scoring doubles and Chris Gibbs winning one. Chris and Pete Gibbs combined to take the doubles. Trevan Vass and Alan Creed both won two for the Hares.

Kingsley C and Headlands Hawks played with two players with the Hawks taking the doubles to complete a 5-4 win. John Stamp won two for Kingsley and Mayur Shah and Bhanu Chadalavada both won one for the Hawks.

Headlands Herons remain second in division two after a 7-3 win against DCA Leopards. James Bashford and Graham Dove both recorded hat-tricks and then combined to win the doubles for the Herons. In reply for the Leopards, Felix Machin-Bradbury, Henry Saint and Austin Wilkinson all won one each.

ACC B are third after a 6-4 win against Headlands Hornets. For ACC, Ami Bhandal won three, Morris Freeman won two and Don Fraser won one. In reply for the Hornets, Steve Fuller won two and Roy Smyth won one. Fuller then teamed up with Trevor Little to win the doubles.


Premier Division: Malcolm Arnold A 9 (Andy Trott 3, Aaron Lee 3, Ben Tombs 2) DCA Flyers 1 (Guy Sparrow 1); Malcolm Arnold Owls 5 (Dan Smalley 3, Pawel Juraszczyk 1) Malcolm Arnold Magpies 5 (Henry Arthur 2, Kyle Murie 2, Martin Hall 1); Park Avenue 8 (Andy Wood 3, Gerald Henson 2, Jamie Chamberlain 2) University 2 (Ryan Gaveglia 2); Kingsley B 2 (Andy Law 2) Kingsley A 8 (Brian Wooding 3, Tony Woodward 2, Chris Stone 2)

Division One: DCA Lions 0 DCA Panthers 10 (Alec Kingston 2, Andrejus Satelka 2, Mark Stewart 2, Conceded 3); Headlands Harriers 9 (Ian Baldock 3, Auch Demeter 3, Vic Codner 2) Malcolm Arnold B 1 (Frank Whiteley 1); Headlands Hares 4 (Alan Creed 2, Trevan Vass 2) ACC A 6 (Pete Gibbs 2, Chris Alder 2, Chris Gibbs 1); Kingsley C 4 (John Stamp 2, Conceded 2) Headlands Hawks 5 (Mayur Shah 1, Bhanu Chadalavada 1, Conceded 2)

Division Two: ACC B 6 (Ami Bhandal 3, Morris Freeman 2, Don Fraser 1) Headlands Hornets 4 (Steve Fuller 2, Roy Smyth 1); DCA Leopards 3 (Felix Machin-Bradbury 1, Henry Saint 1, Austin Wilkinson 1) Headlands Herons 7 (James Bashford 3, Graham Dove 3)