BOXING: Cameron’s so keen to be on top of the world

Chantelle Cameron
Chantelle Cameron

Chantelle Cameron continues to chase a fight with world No.1 Delfine Persoon as she looks forward to more exciting times in the professional arena.

Cameron, who is the current IBO champion, is eager to unify the lightweight division and she has the likes of Persoon and Ireland’s Katie Taylor in her sights.

But the Northampton star is not against moving weight divisions to get the bouts that she wants.

Her manager, Barry McGuigan, has already tipped her to beat WBA and IBF world champion Taylor if the pair meet in future.

But Cameron’s immediate focus is on defending her title in her next fight, which will feature on the undercard of the headline bout between Josh Taylor and Viktor Postol in Glasgow on June 23.

“I’m really eager to get back in the ring as I have had a long camp and feel this camp has been the best,” said Cameron, whose most recent fight was a victory against Myriam Dellal in Glasgow in March.

“I have made big improvements in all aspects of my training and it’s paying off in my sparring sessions.

“I’m hitting a lot harder and have been working very closely on my technique with (trainer) Shane McGuigan and enhancing it back home with (Far Cotton ABC head coach) John Daly.

“I’ve had some great sparring at the Far Cotton club.

“My pro journey so far has been great but the best is yet to come.

“My team at Cyclone Promotions and manager Barry McGuigan have got some very exciting plans for me this year and I’m going to be in some great fights.”

When asked about his plans for Cameron, boxing legend McGuigan said: “She’s the best out there in the world.

“We’ve tried to get all the champions, they just won’t fight her - it’s ridiculous. No one wants to fight her.

“People probably see Katie Taylor as the best in the division, and I don’t mean to undermine Taylor, but opponents won’t get battered the way they would against Cameron.

“Taylor will outbox them and school them – but Cameron will beat the living daylights out of them – that’s what the difference is.

“It’s a fight we want down the line and we’re happy to start talking that up as soon as possible.”

Cameron is happy to currently be ranked No.3 in the world, behind Persoon and Taylor, but she wants to be above them in the pecking order.

And she said: “It’s good to be ranked No.3 in the world within my first year as a pro, but I’m aiming for the No.1 spot.

“The fight with Delfine Persoon, who is No.1, is on my target list.

“She has already been offered the fight with me but declined, but my team will keep chasing it as we are confident I can beat her.

“I was hoping to be fighting for another world title in my next fight but I’m now going to defend my IBO again.

“Unfortunately there has been trouble matching me against the other world champions and a few of them have had the offer but they have declined.

“My team have said I will be boxing for another world title at the end of the year and it may just mean going for a world title at another weight as the lightweight division is a bit tricky to get me the fights I want.”

All Cameron can do for now is continue to train hard and beat whoever is put in front of her.

And it is clear that her coaches, in London and Northampton, are upbeat.

“My coaches are very happy with my progress,” Cameron said.

“John is buzzing right now as Far Cotton is doing great and really putting Northampton on the map.”